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Los Gatos Research produces portable gas analyzers that provide measurements of gas concentrations and isotope ratios in the field with unsurpassed accuracy, precision, selectivity, speed and sensitivity. Based on LGR’s patented cavity-enhanced laser absorption technology, these high-performance, yet easy to use, analyzers offer measurement solutions for the most demanding scientific, industrial and engineering applications.

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3055 Orchard Drive , San Jose , California 95134 USA

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Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

LGR instruments, which have reported measurements on seven continents, thousands of meters underwater, and in the stratosphere, uniquely offer:
  • ultra-high precision and accuracy
  • rugged, compact design
  • low power requirements (100-150 watts)
  • fast concentration measurements (up to 20 Hz)
  • reliable over wide range of concentrations (over 3 orders of magnitude)
  • fast isotope ratio measurements (up to 1 Hz) 
  • economical (price range from $30k-$50k)

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Since 1994, LGR has been developing innovative laser-based measurement strategies for non-destructive analyses of gases, liquids and solids. Building on advanced education in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering from the finest universities worldwide, followed by over 120 years of cumulative real-world experience in product development and applied research, LGR's Senior Staff has demonstrated expertise in the areas of optical diagnostics, laser spectroscopy, physical chemistry, and chemical physics. In addition, many of LGR's staff members hold patents that are basic to the development of LGR's technologies and are active in several professional societies. At LGR, we create the world's highest performing instruments for leading-edge research.

LGR develops reliable, high performance analytical instruments based on novel laser absorption spectroscopic techniques. Our Analyzers have provided measurements of the highest accuracy and precision on seven continents, in the stratosphere, thousands of meters underwater, and above the Arctic circle.


LGR instruments are ideal for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Analytical Applications
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Atmospheric Sciences
  • Biological-Science Applications
  • Carbon Sequestration in Ocean Waters
  • Carbon Dioxide Monitoring
  • Chemical Oxygen-Iodine Laser Studies
  • Chamber-Flux Measurements
  • Combustion Diagnostics
  • Eddy-Correlation Flux Measurements
  • Eddy covariance flux
  • Emissions measurements
  • Fundamental Physical Sciences
  • Greenhouse gas detection
  • Homeland Security
  • Hydrological Applications
  • Hydrothermal-Vent Effluent Analysis
  • Industrial-Process Monitoring and Control
  • Industrial emissions
  • Isotope ratio measurements
  • Landfill monitoring
  • Landfill measurements
  • Leak Detection from Natural-Gas Pipelines
  • Leak monitoring
  • Liquid Water Isotope Measurements
  • Material Research
  • Methane monitoring
  • Methane-Hydrate Studies
  • Methanogenic-Bacteria Studies
  • Mirror-Reflectivity Measurements
  • Optimization of Singlet-Oxygen Generators
  • Plasma Decontamination
  • Process Control and Validation
  • Quality Control
  • Substrate Absorption Measurements
  • Testing of Optical Coatings
  • Thin-Film Absorption Measurements
  • Total Insertion-Loss Measurements
  • Trace-Gas Monitoring
  • Trace-Gas Sensing
  • Water Vapor Isotope Measurements

LGR includes more than 12,000 square feet of R&D space located in the center of Silicon Valley, in Mountain View, California. These facilities, which may be divided into several laboratories and centers, include the state-of-the-art optical, electronic and mechanical infrastructure that allows our scientists and engineers to develop, test and manufacture leading-edge products for our customers.

R&D Laser Laboratory
The Laser Laboratory is equipped with various continuous-wave and pulsed lasers (including diode lasers, quantum cascade lasers, cw and pulse dye lasers) operating at wavelengths ranging from the UV to the mid-infrared spectral regions, high-resolution wavemeters and interferometers, telecommunications grade fiber-optic components, as well as optical tables, several clean rooms and clean benches, and computational facilities.

R&D Microfluidics Laboratory
The Microfluidics Laboratory consists of our MEMS and chemical analysis facilities and includes multiple wet chemical instrumentation as well as a suite of inspection stations, microscopes and micro-manipulators. This Lab provides 300 square feet of clean room capability housing high-magnification inspection stations and spin-coating stations. The Lab also features several high-resolution micro-positioners and view scopes. The ongoing work at LGR in microfluidics is supplemented by our access to the Stanford University Nanofab Facility, which offers qualified uses access to some of the most sophisticated fabrication equipment available anywhere.

Product Development Center
The Product Development Center allows our engineers to transfer the novel ideas from the R&D lab into real products. In this Center, our engineers and scientists develop and test new devices ranging from comprehensive gas sensing instrumentation and cavity ringdown products to accessories that extend the utility of our Gas Analyzers and OEM product line. In addition to internally developed products, the wide capabilities of the Product Development Center allow us to also specialize in custom instrumentation. If you are looking for new specific sensor systems or products based upon our cavity enhanced absorption (ICOS and CRD) or laser spectroscopy in general, please contact us at sales@lgrinc.com

Manufacturing Center
The Manufacturing Center includes the infrastructure necessary to fabricate and extensively test our full product line of instrumentation and components. Containing more than several thousand square feet of space, the center includes a fully equipped machine shop, environmental test facilities (thermal and humidity chambers), mechanical test facilities (vibration and shaker tables), electronics shop, and computational test facilities.