LSP Technologies is the world premier laser peening and bond inspection services, technology and equipment provider. LSP Technologies has been providing equipment, job shop services, and production laser peening for all industries and scale since 1995. Our list of satisfied clients include major international aerospace and power generation manufacturers, high performance racing companies, tooling and die manufacturers, and customers from many other industries and applications. Laser peening prevents and arrests most types of failure in metallic components by enhancing the metallic surface and structure. Laser peening, also known as laser shock peening, or laser shot peening, cold works the material with shockwave mechanics to provide a deep layer of failure resistant material. For preventing failures, especially those from fatigue loading and stress corrosion cracking, laser peening is the optimum choice in metal improvement.

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LSP Technologies is AS 9100/ISO 9001:2008 certified to provide the highest quality services and equipment. From the smallest job to the largest part, our quality control processes ensure the best results.

LSP Technologies, Inc. is guided by three general principles:

  1. Collaborate with our customers to enhance their products,
  2. Commercialize innovative high-energy laser technologies, and
  3. Advance laser technologies that make the world a safer place.
LSP Technologies was founded in 1995 by Dr. Jeff L Dulaney, a former Battelle scientist, who serves as the Company’s President and CEO. The company has grown steadily through the years to be a premiere supplier of laser peening services and equipment.

The Company’s founding emphasis was on commercializing the materials-processing technology generally known as laser peening. LSP Technologies has branded LaserPeen™ as our brand of processing and equipment. Laser peening technology and services remain the Company’s primary business.  We provide laser peening services to major aerospace and power generation OEMs to help them achieve the fatigue life extensions for their turbine engine components that they require.

LSPT uses custom, in-house designed and fabricated LaserPeen™ brand laser systems, and has also introduced RapidCoater™ brand of overlay application equipment as part of its on-going efforts to make the LaserPeen™ process more efficient and cost-effective.

Since 2001, LSP Technologies has been developing additional laser technologies that are now commercial products. The most notable technology is our Laser Bond Inspection (LBI) device which tests the strength of composite adhesive bonds.

Laser Bond Inspection technology (LBI) is now commercially viable to test and verify the strength of adhesively bonded joints used in composite structures, for example within aircraft, bridges, buildings, and automobiles. It is an inspection process that will further assure the safety and reliability of bonded structures. LBI technology is capable for use with other bonded surfaces, including, for example, metals and ceramics, and metal to metal.

LSP Technologies operates an AS9100 and ISO9001:2008 registered Quality Management System for Laser Processes and Equipment Design at its facility in Dublin, Ohio.

LSP Technologies, Inc. aligns our Total Quality Management system with top level plans and objectives, AS9100 requirements, and our customers' requirements. We are committed to conforming to the requirements of our TQM system and analyzing variation in our processes for laser services and equipment in order to drive continual improvement, deliver customer satisfaction.

The SAE Standard AMS-2546, Laser Peening, covers the requirements for computer controlled laser peening of metal part surfaces to induce residual compressive stresses at and beneath the surface. This standard covers laser peening known as laser shock peening, and laser shot peening.