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  • Model 40 GPM - Precipitation Systems

    Model 40 GPM - Precipitation Systems

    Time tested and effective, chemical precipitation works. Many of our industry sectors served have made considerable investments in this technology over the years. As our firm has evolved we have scaled down continuous flow precipitation technologies as a means to batch treat certain waste streams. Our batch reactors have controls packages that allow for the reaction to occur prior to any discharge taking place. This simple innovation means less risk...

  • Model 50 GPM - Tubular Microfiltration System

    Model 50 GPM - Tubular Microfiltration System

    A great fit for many different objectives and environments, microfiltration is evolving in its design to include metals precipitation, protein separation for healthcare and food based high purity streams, as well a concentration and suspended solids removal for juice pulp extraction. LT Technologies has extensive experience in every use area of Microfiltration for some of the world's leading companies.

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Reverse Osmosis is used the world over for everything from point source water purification to municipal drinking water supply purification, few technologies are so scalable and reliable, when so much is at stake. Our engineering process has taken the science of water recycle and applied it to industrial waste water streams. LT Technologies is one of the few companies in the world with operational water and wastewater recycle systems using Reverse...

  • Model 50 GPM - Ion Exchange Rinse Water Recycle System

    Model 50 GPM - Ion Exchange Rinse Water Recycle System

    The exciting world of kinetic exchange has long been very attractive to LT Technologies as well as our clients. Few technologies are so comprehensive in the way they achieve desired purification with minimal cost and equipment. The challenge lies in having the sophistication to effectively systematize the technology to be successful in environments with variable contaminant loading, as well as utilizing the correct pretreatment technologies to protect...

  • Ultrafiltration System

    Ultrafiltration System

    Some of the most versatile and durable treatment systems on the market utilize UF technology. The many different molecular weight spectrums the technology can handle is what makes it so appealing to a number of industries. Few mechanical separation technologies utilizing microporous substrate that can successfully separate oil from water and still remain effective and cleanable, Ultrafiltration can. High Grit waste water, as well as water with...

  • Mobile Recovery Filtration System

    Mobile Recovery Filtration System

    Nanofiltration, on the spectrum of separation technologies, is one of the most versatile membrane options, in that it is effective in both the ionic as well as molecular range of filtration. This capability makes it a comprehensive solution for wastes that are more challenging or as a pretreatment insurance policy, designed to always protect a purely ionic system such as Reverse Osmosis.

  • Model EDI  - ElectroDeionization System

    Model EDI - ElectroDeionization System

    LT Technologies regards EDI (Electro-Deionization) also commonly called continuous deionization, as an emerging technology, from liters per hour to gallons per minute applications, and we are leading the charge. Our designers are always looking to apply well developed technologies to serve our broad range of clients and flow requirements.