Since 1996, we`ve specialised in development & distribution of a variety of market-leading absorbents and spill control products, helping industry protect their business, health & safety requirements and the environment from contamination by fluid spills. We are recognised as World Leaders in Spill Control and our brand is globally renowned. We are a critical resource for more than 28,000 companies in 78 countries across 5 continents. Today right across the world, environmental awareness is mainstream. For many people and businesses the choice of a product or service is affected by the green credentials of the supplier. Health & Safety compliance needs no introduction.

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Unit 4, Wellington Park, Hedge End , Southampton , Hampshire SO30 2QU United Kingdom

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Lubetech: Making A difference is our passion. nationwide our dedicated professionals, experienced in all areas of spill control, focus on delivering your expectations as a customer.

Today right across the world, environmental awareness is mainstream. For many people and businesses the choice of a product or service is affected by the green credentials of the supplier. Health & Safety compliance needs no introduction!

Lubetech are an integral part of this change. We remain a team which aims to lead and be profitable, but we are roud to be leaders among the growing movement of professionals committed  to protection of the environment for future generations - and the health and welfare of this.

Our products are simple to use, but where more know-how is required for ISO14001 accreditation or you plan to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) you will find a Lubetech Skill Centre spill response training course beneficial: Basic, Intermediate or Advanced, courses are site-specific with a clear message designed to help individual clients reduce the risk of adversely affecting the environment or falling foul of H&S legislation.

The Future is Ours to Protect

  • At Lubetech, our success is measured by the effect we have on the lives of other people. Our teams of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in spill control products & management focus on working to benefit you, the customer.
  • Since 1996, we have led in development of market-leading oil spill equipment. Today we are World Leaders in provision of  easy-to-use, competitive, faster, more professional and cleaner health & safety and environmental solutions.
  • Our oil spill products are essential for organisations across various markets, including marine, aerospace, food and transport.
  • Changes to our site reflect accumulated changes within Lubetech. So numerous & far-reaching they've become 'Lubetech 2.0'. Same World Class Lubetech: Only Better.
  • Our brand is a critical resource for 78 nations and 28,000 companies.

Our Mission is to be the recognised innovator with Spill Control systems and equipment, through providing products that work, save you time and money and make your life easier.

Our four principal areas are;


The R&D team at Lubetech is constantly looking at ways to improve the products. In our experience this is achieved through applying technology to maximise product efficiency through increasing the performance output of each product in terms of absorbency, strength, versatility and ease of use. We have employed technology that has not been seen before in the UK market in all of the recent products that have been launched, and we will continue to invest time and effort into everything we sell, to make your life easier.


We have found, that with continuous improvement of our products and processes, there is an increased chance of increasing our carbon footprint, both in our manufacturing areas and our logistics. As a result, we have had a push at improving the sustainability of our products and our supply chain. We have invested a lot into getting a product that is sustainably sourced yet performs in a 'traditional' manner. As a company, we still strive to reduce carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint everyday.


Innovation. It's what we're all about. Our culture is open to thinking outside the box, and coming up with new ideas to help you, new products, and new ways to do things making it easier to work with us. We work with the objective of making it easier for you to protect the environment, and that is reflected in everything we do. Our products have all had hours of effort invested by our R&D team, paying attention to every detail, ensuring the product is the most versatile, strongest and most efficiently designed currently available in the UK.


Lubetech are committed to providing a world class level of technical support and backup for all customers. We were quick to recognise that our customer base is the greatest asset that Lubetech as ever had. We want your experience with Lubetech to be an enjoyable one, and as a result, we strive to give the best level of customer support. If you have a suggestion, a question or any sort of query or enquiry, contact us today, and we'll do our best to help.


Everything we do, whether it is incorporating new technology, looking at ways to help both you and us become greener and more efficient, developing new ideas, or striving to give you an unbeatable level of support, is centred around you, the customer, and giving you the best possible experience with Lubetech.

Innovators in spill control Technology

Lubetech aims to achieve recognition as Market innovator through applying our principals and values in every area. We commit to our corporate values to guide our strategic decisions and structure our market stance.

  • Innovation We are focused on creating innovative products, to deliver value to our distribution partners, their customers, and the marketplace. We anticipate and forecast change and work to capitalize on the many opportunities that arise.
  • Teamwork We promote, support and work to develop, a diverse, versatile, and progressive team. We work together and in one direction, to meet our collective regional, national and global goals.
  • Honesty We work with an open book policy and all of our processes are open to examination by external bodies.
  • Integrity We constantly exercise the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and equity in every action that we take, in every area of the business.
  • Accountability We demonstrate an individual and team willingness to accept responsibility for action and outcome. We always take responsibility for our performance in all of our actions and decisions.
  • Respect We honour the rights of our distribution partners, their customers, and our stakeholders. We treat others with the highest degree of distinction, parity and trust.

Although only 15 years of age, the company has a rich and interesting history.

Lubetech was founded in 1996 by the current Managing Director, Richard Ghinn. The company started out as a venture into a market that had no real leader or mainstream supplier. A catalogue was produced, detailing a small product range, a lot of products which set the market standard in versatility and absorbency. Although some different brands were sold initially, The Lubetech own-brand began to take prominence because of the attention to detail and the new ideas that were developed. The company started our of a small warehouse in the Chandlers Ford, area of Southampton.

The company began to grow, and in 1998, a storage depot was leased a in the Hedge End area of Southampton, to stock the growing range of products, and in 1999, the company was consolidated again into one unit, again in Chandlers Ford. Around this time, Lubetech began the development, growth and promotion of a range of products now known as 'Classic'. In conjunction with this, a more comprehensive catalogue was produced, that detailed some areas of innovation, which began the ascent to market leadership.  In 2003, The company moved again to larger premises in the same area, and 3 new catalogues were produced in a short space of time.

In 2006, Lubetech began the drive to operate only through distribution, and we began to pass our direct accounts to our existing resellers. This freed time and resources to develop new products for the benefit of those end users, and Lubetech developed the 'Superior' and the 'black and white' ranges, to give a good-better-best product arrangement. As Lubetech became more involved in distribution, and working with reseller partners, the need for a sustainable product range was identified. In march 2007, the first Natural products went through live trials, and by September, a version was produced that outperformed anything of the sort ever seen before. A corresponding catalogue was again produced, and the range widened further, this time demonstrating true examples of innovation.

In 2008, the company moved again to the existing distribution center in the Hedge End area of Southampton. This purpose built 30,000 sq ft distribution center was perfect for the company's needs, and  a professional transition of end user customers through to our reseller partners was completed. The company took huge strides forward over 2009 and 2010, working with major industrial reseller partners, and grew fast, putting more investment than ever into marketing, and product development. In early 2011, a new brochure was launched, with the corresponding web presence, and the company continues to witness a steep upward trend in growth. A further 15,000 sq ft of external covered space is currently in use, along with an additional 10,000 sq ft of product storage on an external site.

As the leader in Spill control equipment, Lubetech is fully committed to leading the industry in minimising, or where possible, erasing the impact of its activities on the environment. Lubetech feels a great deal of responsibility in this field, and we have taken several practical steps to ensure that we are maximising our environmental efficiency.

The key points of its strategy to achieve this are:

  • Minimise waste by evaluating and studying all operations to ensuring they are as efficient as possible. We aim to reduce waste by 6.5% year on year.
  • Minimise all harmful emissions through the selection and use of its fleet and the source of its power requirement. Evaluating all possible alternative energy sources, and setting energy reduction targets which will be reviewed on a 6 month cycle.
  • Actively promote and install recycling programmes both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers. All staff are given instruction on which items to recycle as part of the programme.
  • Source and promote a viable, sustainably sourced product range to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution. Invest in alternative product ranges to minimise potential and existing environmental impact.
  • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company. Ensure full compliance with all relevant guidelines that affect our processes and company.
  • Use an accredited program to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities, on a local, national and global scale. Set targets for the reduction of harmful emissions, and review these targets on a 6 month cycle.

The environmental policy will be reviewed on a 6 month cycle, and we aim to positively amend all areas. All changes will be communicated to all affected, including relevant external parties.