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  • Survey Meters

  • Model 2401-EC - Pocket Size Radiation Detection Meter

    Model 2401-EC - Pocket Size Radiation Detection Meter

    The Model 2401-EC instrument is a pocket radiation detection meter with an integrated energy compensated GM tube for measuring gamma exposure.  The meter measures 0-200 mR/hr exposure rate and also 0-210,000 cpm via separate scales. The metal case offers excellent protection against abuse.  The overall and integrated design facilitate ease of use.

  • Model 2401-EW - Pocket Size Exposure & A/B/G Count Ratemeter

    Model 2401-EW - Pocket Size Exposure & A/B/G Count Ratemeter

    The Model 2401-EW instrument is a general purpose, pocket radiation detection meter that employs an end-window type GM detector. The detector is conveniently packaged inside the instrument, with a protective screen covering located along the middle of the top end of the instrument. The meter presents two scales: CPM for contamination measurements, and mR/hr for exposure rate.

  • Model 9-3 Series - Ion Chamber Survey Meter

    Model 9-3 Series - Ion Chamber Survey Meter

    The Ludlum 9-3 ion chamber is a rugged air ionization chamber for performing beta-gamma dose rate measurements over a five-decade span ranging from background to 500 mSv/h (50 R/hr). The chamber wall, including the instrument case, is 1000 mg/cm². A 1000 mg/cm² retractable beta shield allows beta measurement with a 7 mg/cm² window. The six-position switch selects Off, x10K, x1K, x100, x10 and x1. Each range has a front-panel, mounted...

  • General Purpose Ratemeters

  • Model 2403 - Pocket Size Ratemeter

    Model 2403 - Pocket Size Ratemeter

    The Model 2403 is a pocket ratemeter with an analog display that may be connected to any one of a number of available GM type detectors.  This unit supports mR/hr exposure and cpm countrate measurements.  The metallic case and convenient make this a nice tool to for a wide variety of applications.

  • Model 2221 - Ratemeter and Scaler

    Model 2221 - Ratemeter and Scaler

    Here's a general purpose ratemeter and scaler with just about every bell and whistle you'll ever need or want. This ultimate tool provides a customary analog display for optimally viewing the count rate and rate of change through all possible four decades of display. It is accompanied by a digital LCD, which can present either the ratemeter data or be switched over to read the scaler counts.

  • Model 2350-1 Series - General Purpose Ratemeter/Scaler/Data Logger

    Model 2350-1 Series - General Purpose Ratemeter/Scaler/Data Logger

    The general purpose Model 2350-1 is Ludlum's most advanced ratemeter/scaler/data logger, and is designed to satisfy a wide range of applications. The large backlit LCD presents bar graphs, digital readings, and logged data on an 8-line by 15-character display. Up to 1000 data points can be stored, along with the location, date/time stamp, detector, count mode, count time, logging mode, and sample number. Location code information can be input via an...

  • Radiation Detectors

  • Alpha - Model 43-1 - Detector

    Alpha - Model 43-1 - Detector

    Model 180-16 Sample Holder provides repeatable geometry for counting wipes, filter paper, or slides, up to 10.2 cm (4 in.) diameter. (Part Number 47-1132)

  • Beta  - Model 44-142 - Detector

    Beta - Model 44-142 - Detector

    NON-UNIFORMITY: less than 10%.OPERATING VOLTAGE: typically 500-1200 volts.INDICATED USE: beta contamination. SCINTILLATOR: 0.025 cm (0.010 in.) thick plastic scintillator.WINDOW: 1.2 mg/cm².WINDOW AREA: 100 cm² (15.5 in²) active; 88 cm² (13.6 in²) open.EFFICIENCY (4π): typically 4%-14C; 30%-90Sr/90Y; 20%-99Tc.BACKGROUND (10 µR/hr): typically 300 cpm or less.ENERGY RESPONSE: N/A.COMPATIBLE INSRUMENTS: general purpose...

  • Alpha/Beta Sample Counting Systems

  • Model 3030E_with_43-10-1 - Sample Counter

    Model 3030E_with_43-10-1 - Sample Counter

    This system joins Ludlum's Model 3030E dual channel scaler with its Model 43-10-1 dual phosphor detector/5.1 cm (2 in.) diameter sample tray to produce a complete alpha beta sample counting system. The 3030E electronics incorporates independent backlit LCD readouts to support discriminated alpha and beta sample counting. The system features background subtraction, crosstalk correction, separate alpha/beta alarms, CPM/DPM operating modes, and a...