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  • Field Service

    The mission of the LumaSense services organization is to deliver consistent value-added service so you can focus on your business. Our highly trained and dedicated Field Service Engineers (FSE’s) are ready to partner with you to deliver the right sensing solutions with the best performance and longest-life.

  • Installation & Commissioning Services

    Installation & Commissioning Services

    Ensure the correct integration and deployment of our solutions with our extensive installation services. Our experienced team of Field Service Engineers will be available to support your organization's on‐site needs during installation, commissioning and training.

  • On-Site Infrared Survey Support Services

    On-Site Infrared Survey Support Services

    Our on-site Infrared Survey support services have been specifically designed to keep your systems performing with minimal downtime for the long-term. Depending on your assets, it is very important to monitor their temperatures on a monthly and/or quarterly basis.

  • On-Site Calibration and Repair

    A Field Service Engineer will come to you to inspect, test, maintain, and repair your equipment. On-site services include:On-site cleaning, Instrument testing and maintenance, Auxiliary system testing and maintenance, Corrective maintenance and repair, Installation of software upgrades.

  • On-Site Pulsar Preventative Solutions

    On-Site Pulsar Preventative Solutions

    Periodic maintenance of Pulsar systems is essential to ensure accurate temperature measurement and avoid costly shutdowns. Our E2T Pulsar support services are designed to keep your E2T Pulsar system performing with minimal downtime for the long-term. We can schedule to have an experienced and dedicated Field Service Engineer come out to your site to perform field commissioning and inspection. This includes troubleshooting and field verification of...

  • On-Site Quasar Preventative Solutions

    On-Site Quasar Preventative Solutions

    LumaSense Technologies, Inc. can schedule to have an experienced and dedicated Field Service Engineer come out to your site to perform field commissioning and inspection. This includes troubleshooting and field verification of calibration of your E2T Quasar Flare Monitoring Systems.

  • On-Site Blackbody Calibration Services

    On-Site Blackbody Calibration Services

    LumaSense Technologies, Inc. can schedule to have an experienced and dedicated Field Service Engineer come out to your site to perform the field commissioning and inspection. This includes troubleshooting and verification of calibration of various Mikron Blackbody Sources.

  • On-Site Pyrometer Maintenance Solutions

    On-Site Pyrometer Maintenance Solutions

    Your brand-new pyrometers are precisely calibrated at the factory, which is documented with a corresponding certificate. Like every high-precision measuring instrument, pyrometers should be checked on a regular basis to ensure accurate long term measurement results.

  • Factory Service

    LumaSense knows how critical our products are to your business. We offer a wide range of services including calibration, preventative maintenance, repair, extended warranties, and spare parts to keep your assets accurate and reliable for the long-term.

  • Factory Calibration Services

    Factory Calibration Services

    We know your LumaSense equipment plays a critical role on your process and research.  Precision is imperative so we’ve established a fully equipped, expertly staffed laboratory for performing calibrations that meet national standards on all makes (MIKRON, IMPAC, E2T, LUXTRON, SmartDGA®, INNOVA, and ANDROS) of LumaSense infrared temperature and gas sensing equipment.

  • Factory Repair Services

    Factory Repair Services

    A full range of repair and maintenance services are available for all LumaSense products. Completed by our rigorously trained and highly experienced technicians, we provide repairs with quick turnaround.

  • Spare Parts & Units

    Spare Parts & Units

    Don’t risk prolonged downtime simply because parts are not available on-hand. Your instrument and its parts are highly sophisticated units produced to your specifications. Adding additional units to the initial production run is much less costly than reproducing those units later.

  • LumaServ Maintenance Agreement

    LumaServ Maintenance Agreement

    LumaSense offers maintenance agreements that combine a variety of our factory services and field services tailored to meet your specific support needs.

  • Extended Warranties

    Extended Warranties

    All LumaSense products come with a manufacturer's warranty when purchased, which covers calibration, replacement parts, and repairs. The duration of this initial warranty varies by product and is at a minimum of one year.

  • Specialty Services

    Specialty Services

    Sometimes you need customized training, whether it’s a challenging, highly specialized application or just a matter of convenience and scheduling. For those situations, LumaSense offers specialty services, consulting and custom training.

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Our goal is to ensure that your LumaSense equipment is performing as expected to meet your business goals.  Customer care is our top priority.  When you are unsure, just give us a call.  We are always glad to help.

  • Analytical Instrumentation Solutions

  • Mass Spectrometry

    Mass Spectrometry

    Meet challenging requirements for sample ionization, mass filtering, and ion detection. High voltage power supplies are mission critical to mass spectrometry. If your supply fails or does not operate to specifications, your entire end-product is unusable. Advanced Energy’s dedicated high voltage power supplies for mass spectrometers are used in sample ionization, mass filtering, and ion detection. We build on more than 30 years of experience to...

  • Scanning Electron Microscope

    Scanning Electron Microscope

    Elevate the performance and quality of your entire system. High voltage power supplies are mission-critical components of scanning electron microscopes. They power accelerators, extractors, suppressors, and heater elements. Advanced Energy’s power supplies provide high-accuracy, low-ripple performance that directly impacts SEM systems' core functionalities and resolution capabilities.

  • Electrostatics & Charging

    Electrostatics & Charging

    Electrostatic and charging power applications span many diverse markets: from medical and analytical instrumentation to laser optics and industrial filtration. High voltage supply performance requirements within these applications range from high accuracy, low noise switching, to small footprint, low-cost, general-purpose, bias designs. As product development cycles get shorter, the demands on high voltage power supplies — and...

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Solutions

    Enable advanced control for your plasma processes with highly accurate power delivery, frequency tuning, and multi-level pulsing.

  • Etch Solutions

    Etch Solutions

    Meet current semiconductor manufacturing needs and prepare for future requirements. Experience unequaled control in your plasma processes. Advanced Energy leads the market in advanced power delivery and control solutions for critical etch applications and device geometries. We offer a broad range of RF frequencies, power output levels, and matching technologies as well as fiber optic technologies for electrostatic monitoring....

  • Deposition Solutions

    Deposition Solutions

    Gain insights and speed the development process. Advanced Energy delivers power supply and control solutions for critical deposition applications and device geometries. To solve wafer processing challenges, our precision power conversion solutions allow you to optimize power accuracy, precision, speed, and process repeatability. We offer a broad range of RF frequencies, DC power systems, customized power output levels, matching...

  • Inspection Solutions

    Inspection Solutions

    Enable demanding applications and leading-edge device geometries. When it comes to critical wafer applications, Advanced Energy is an innovative force. With our high voltage power and control solutions, we’ve developed more than 100 customized systems that enable demanding applications and leading-edge device geometries. Our platform architecture and development give you rapid access to customized solutions that help...

  • Implant & RTP Solutions

    Implant & RTP Solutions

    Tailor and optimize your power accuracy, precision, speed, and process repeatability. Overcome your wafer processing challenges. Advanced Energy transforms power delivery and control solutions for ion implantation, rapid thermal processing applications, and device geometries. Utilize our precision power conversion solutions to tailor and optimize your power accuracy, precision, speed, and process repeatability. And our non-contact...

  • Thermal Processing Solutions

    Easily obtain the thermal processing precision, repeatability, and reliability you require.

  • Glass Production Solution

    Glass Production Solution

    Benefit from high flexibility, exact temperature measurement, and excellent repeatability in your glass making processes. In energy-intensive glass making processes, you need to ensure your end-products meet stringent marketplace requirements. Temperature measurement, monitoring, and optimization are critical to your success. You require high flexibility, precise temperature measurement, and excellent repeatability. Choose from a wide...

  • Petrochemical Solutions

    Petrochemical Solutions

    Improve refinery efficiency and reduce waste reduction with innovative temperature measurement solutions. Processes such as distillation and reforming require high temperatures that are very energy-intensive. You need effective temperature and gas solutions to optimize refinery efficiency and reduce costs. Advanced Energy can help. We specialize in improving process control and safety via optical sensors. And for more than 50...

  • Semiconductor Solutions

    Semiconductor Solutions

    Enable extemely accurate temperature measurement solutions for the semiconductor industry. We know temperature plays a critical role in the semiconductor and integrated circuit industries. Advanced Energy's extensive semiconductor experience allows us to fully understand the temperature management challenges you face. We offer non-contact and contact-based options as well as our fiber optic temperature (FOT) Luxtron®...

  • Steel & Metal Solutions

    Steel & Metal Solutions

    Enable cutting-edge technology, ease-of-use, and dependability via our non-contact temperature sensors and solutions. Increasing quality standards and higher energy costs demand more accurate and consistent temperature control in steel and metal making processes. With more than 50 years of experience in temperature measurement using light-based technologies, Advanced Energy's extensive selection of infrared solutions are developed...

  • Other Solutions

  • Indoor Environments Solutions

    Indoor Environments Solutions

    Employ superior trace gas monitoring solutions for your most demanding indoor air quality challenges. Indoor environment monitoring spreads across multiple scientific fields and activity sectors. If you're a researcher, specialized consultant, equipment manufacturer, or building developer, indoor environment monitoring is critical to ensure optimal safety, operation, and testing conditions. Advanced Energy delivers leading-ege gas...

  • Industrial Markets Solutions

    Industrial Markets Solutions

    Keep costs down and product quality high with proven temperature and gas sensing solutions. Advanced Energy knows how to build products for custom applications used in industrial markets. Thanks to decades of experience, our proven temperature and gas sensing products easily meet stringent design requirements. Products with demanding production processes (e.g. polyethylene plastic and asphalt) require temperature management and...

  • Equipment Services

    Available 24 x 7 x 365, our worldwide service centers provide fast cycle times to keep downtime minimal. We use only Advanced Energy qualified parts. And we follow exclusive and stringent procedures for product testing and mandatory safety enhancements. Flat-rate repair programs are also available.

  • Factory Repair Services

    Factory Repair Services

    If your device needs repair, please fill out our Return Materials Authorization (RMA) form. Once we receive your equipment, our highly trained and experienced technicians will get to work, solve the issue, and have your unit back up and running as quickly as possible. Not sure if you need a repair? Contact our customer...

  • Field Services

    Field Services

    Our field service engineers are available to support your on-site needs. We can properly secure and mount products, hook up your electrical connections, validate alignment and calibrate, and test to your specifications. Field service availability varies by product, contact us to learn how we can help.

  • Calibration Services

    Calibration Services

    Your Advanced Energy equipment is critical to your processes and research. That’s why our fully equipped, expertly staffed calibration laboratory is your ideal solution. We perform calibrations that meet national standards, provide full-disclosure test results, and track your instrument’s calibration history.

  • Refurbishment Programs Services

    Refurbishment Programs Services

    Economically extend product life and proactively replace time-dependent components. We collect and analyze data from our worldwide install base, re-test products, and then re-manufacture units to reduce downtime and costs.

  • Enhancement and Upgrade Programs Services

    Enhancement and Upgrade Programs Services

    Increase reliability and reduce downtime by optimizing long-term product performance with new feature sets. Or upgrade to revised units with higher-performing functionality.