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  • PhotonMaster - Luminometer

    PhotonMaster - Luminometer

    LuminUltra is proud to introduce the PhotonMaster, a purpose-built, low-cost luminometer specifically designed and optimized for LuminUltra's patented line of 2nd Generation ATP test kits.

  • Kikkoman - Lumitester

    Kikkoman - Lumitester

    Since its inception, LuminUltra has been proud to offer the Kikkoman Lumitester C-110 to its customers. The Lumitester C-110 uses highly-sensitive photomultiplier tube and photon counting technology and is fully portable instrument can also be used for other types of chemi-luminescent analysis processes, such as MicroToxTM.

  • Luminometer - Standardization Kit (LSK)

    Luminometer - Standardization Kit (LSK)

    LuminUltra provides a full set of ATP standards (0.01ng/mL - 100ng/mL) in the form of  the Luminometer Standardization Kit (LSK - 5) that can be used to assess the full-range linearity of your luminometer and in some case determine the upper and lower extents of reliable measurement. This can be done on an annual basis whenever the linearity of your insturment is suspect (e.g due to damage, recalibration, other service). Using the set of...