M.A.L. Environmental Technology

M.A.L. Environmental Technology

M.A.L. Environmental Technology

M.A.L. Environmental Technology is one of the leading companies in the field of industrial flue gas cleaning for DeNOx plants. We offer innovative, customized solutions for denitrification of flue gas in order to ensure the lowest possible emissions.

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Großmarktstraße 7b , Vienna , Austria A-1230 Austria
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Air Pollution Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


Typical applications:

  • Coal fired power plants
  • Waste to energy boilers
  • Cement Industry

SNCR Systems from storage tank to injection Lances.

For SCR system in power-plant applications we provide:

  • Ammonia storage and handling system (NH3 & NH4OH)
  • Ammonia evaporation skid (pressure-liquefied ammonia)
  • Ammonia injection grid
  • Control system

For stationary- or maritime diesel SCR applications we provide:

  • Liquid ammonia storage
  • Urea dry or liquid preparation
  • Reagent mixing equipment
  • Injection lances
  • SCR catalyst 
  • Control system

In general, we can offer turn-key services of reagent handling and processing which covers typically:

  • Reagent (ammonia, liquid- or dry urea) unloading system
  • Storage tank
  • Pump station 
  • Dosing and mixing system
  • Various types of injection lances
  • Electronic control equipment 
  • Installation & Erection 
  • Start-up services 
  • QM-Documentation

The M.A.L. business group is subdivided into the work-shop M.A.L. Plant Constructions in Hönigsberg and the engineering office M.A.L. Environmental Technology in Vienna / Austria.

M.A.L. Environmental Technology GmbH was established in 2009 as an independent affiliated company of M.A.L. Plant Constructions and as an engineering office, it attends to its clients from the planning to the implementation down to putting the industrial plants into operation and maintenance.

We provide engineering and equipment supply:

  • DENOX (SCR and SNCR) equipment
    • reagent processing (AFCU, dosing modules...)
    • ammonia or urea storage
    • ammonia or urea injection lances or AIG
    • NOx process analysis of flue gas temperature
    • control systems (Simatic ect..)
    • maintanance
  • Power plants
    • test facilities for mercury emission reduction
    • burner optimization
    • oil and gas regulation units for burners

As a process engineering office dedicated to the design and construction of industrial facilities we are met with a wide range of tasks. Our core competency lies within the domain of flue gas denitrification for plants which operate on the SNCR or on the SCR principle.

The new development of the patented ANCR® Technology allows by permanent gas-temperature measurement, reducing agent regulation and control of dynamically regulated injection lances to realize very low emissions of NOx und NH3- slip, according to the new EU directives.

For monitoring and controlling purposes of our DENOX systems as well as for process optimization, we design and program fully automated PLC control systems with corresponding visualization.

We have high experiance in DENOX systems for the following industrial applications:

  • thermal power plants (coal fired, CFB, Biomass...)
  • waste incinerators (WTE, incinerators, combustion chambers...)
  • cement - & lime industry (preheater and precalciner kilns)
  • denitrification of flue gas in the maritime sector


The M.A.L. business group holds all relevant tests and certifications which are required for the engineering and construction of DENOX systems as well as the safety of employees and environmental protection.

In addition to our quality management system (ISO 9001), our suppliers go through a strict áudit and assessment. We inspect all incoming goods in order to guarantee the prevailing high M.A.L. quality standard.

Allowances for customer- and order-specific requirements related to our quality management system will be documented accordingly.