M.M. s.r.l.

M.M. s.r.l.

M.M. SRL produces FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) grating, structures, gangways, parapets, ladders, stairways and enclosures. They are corrosion resistant, maintenance free and easy to install. This is why they are used in water treatment plants all over Europe, in desalination plants in the Middle East and in off-shore rigs. Specifically in water treatment plants our products are used for walking surfaces and floors, complete footpaths with parapets, structures in general, vertical ladders and stairtreads. All goods could be tailor made on specific enquiries, with different meshes, colors, resins, dimensions. Surfaces are certified at the maximum antiskid level.

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Via Antonio Zanussi 300/302 , Udine , 33100 Italy
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Plastics & Resins
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our History

M.M. S.r.l. was established in 1977 in Udine by Ruggero Montagnese and Giorgio Morandini, who used their valuable sector expertise to develop their own know-how in the production of fibreglass FRP or GRP grating.

M.M. S.r.l. has been growing steadily over the years, in its dimensions (at the moment the company is operating on two plants of 2.000 m2 each and on an open total surface of 13.000 m2) as well as in its product range, that in now not restricted only to FRP - GRP grating.

M.M. S.r.l. has also been able to understand the signals of the FRP - GRP market. This allowed the company to reach a relevant position on the Italian market and on the international FRP - GRP market as well, mainly through collaborations with companies operating in France, China, Chile and Brazil (a huge share of sales is made in the European Community, in Europe, in the Middle East and in North Africa).

In the years M.M. S.r.l. has awarded important orders and its customer’s portfolio is very rich in several Italian and foreign prestigious companies. Among them: Snam Progetti, Fisia Italimpianti, FIAT, ENICHEM, SOLVAY, ENEL (Enel Distribution, Terna, Green Power, Enel Power), Endesa Italia, Trenitalia (Italian Railways), Consorzio TAV, Alstom, Fincantieri, Snam Mare, Cantieri Navali F.lli Orlando, CAFFARO, National Institute of Physics, Sincrotrone in Trieste, the centre for the research on atomic energy Laser Megajoule in Le Barp (France).

M.M.’s mission is to reach customers satisfaction by providing them with a large offer. The personnel in its whole - sales and marketing managers, technical experts and product managers - work together in order to reach this goal. The technical team in particular is able to elaborate almost any kind of composite solution, whether simple or complex - often customized solutions - always assuring high quality and precision.

M.M. S.r.l. has an enviable experience in the fibreglass reinforced polyester FRP - GRP field, since it has been producing high quality manufactures for over thirty years. It provides its customers with:

  • moulded grating (available in a wide range of meshes and thicknesses)
  • pultruded grating
  • pultruded profiles
  • enclosures
  • composite structures (parapets, gangways, ladders, stairways)
  • fittings, bolts and nuts.

M.M. grating and products are characterised by: high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, high mechanical/weight ratio, no softening to heath, unlimited life, lightness, dimensional stability, high dielectric properties. They are also easy to install and do not require maintenance.

These products suit many applications in the chemical, galvanic, mining, textile and food industries; as well as electric stations, paper mills, depuration plants and Municipal waterworks. The intrinsic properties of FRP - GRP are mostly exalted in the corrosive environments in general, in particular in the naval industry.


The company has a certified quality management system (according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification) and has so far obtained many other approvals by qualifying agencies, such as the Italian Naval Registry, the Navy and the national electric company.

M.M. S.r.l. provides its customers with value-added services, such as technical engineering, structural calculations for composite materials, feasibility study for new FRP - GRP products, corrosion studies, technical advice, cutting and shaping.

M.M. S.r.l. has always been interested and involved in research and innovation. With regards to its production system, the company has shifted over the years from manual and handicraft work to more sophisticated systems. Due to robotized and automatized machines it has been possible to standardize operations and improve the production, since defects and human mistakes can be drastically reduced.


The intrinsic properties of FRP - GRP make these manufactures suitable for a huge number of applications, in particular when traditional materials reveal their limitations: brief life, need for periodic maintenance, inability to guarantee workers with safety. The characteristics of FRP - GRP are mainly emphasized in corrosive environments.

Some important contexts of application for M.M. products are:

Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industry
Born for chemical industry, M.M. gratings are realised with pure and additive free resins. Thanks to our production process glassfibre is wrapped with a huge layer of resin. Resistant to the great majority of acids and basis, they are the ideal product to apply in corrosive environments.


Food Industry

Light, easy to clean, safe thanks to antiskid surface, comfortable for workers, M.M. grating meets food industry requirements. Tested for food contact.


Manufactoring Industry

Walkways safe and comfortable for workers, easy to install and maintenance free, can be realised with M.M. gratings.
Products range is completed by M.M. parapets.


Mining, Metalwork And Galvanic Plants

M.M. gratings are safe, easy to install, light, antiskid also under high humidity levels, corrosion resistant and insulating.


Off Shore

Safe, light, resistant, maintenance free, easy to install, fire retardant: all features of M.M. gratings that cope with off shore requirements. Mini and micro meshes are also available.


Production-Transformation-Transport Electrical Energy

Insulating and light, M.M. gratings with covered surface are the ideal product for cable trays covers. Suitable for pedestrian and vehicles loads. These products are completed with housing angulars and frames for covers.

Insulating enclosures, walkways, dielectric protections: with M.M. gratings it is possible to find an answer also to these requirements.


Urban Design

Easy to install, resistant to corrosion and atmospherical agents, safe thanks to antiskid surface, M.M. gratings can be used for the protection of trees and decorative fountains and basement windows wells covering.

Thanks to its resistance to salty atmosphere M.M. gratings are the ideal product for seaside walkways realisation.



Insulating and radiotransparent, M.M. gratings can be used to cover wells, realise walkways or enclosures. Insulating and radiotransparent little pylons or antenna bases can be realised by using M.M. profiles.


Rail Transport

Insulating, light, radiotransparent, M.M. gratings (also with covered surface) solve many problems of transport infrastructures. Covering of wells and tunnels, rain drainage wells, walkways, enclosures, dielectric interruption are some possible uses.


Naval Industry

Light, resistant to salty atmosphere and corrosion, antiskid and fire resistant: M.M. gratings answer to safety requirements on board. They are maintenance free.

Available also with conductive resin to install in Ex areas (oil tankers and gas carrier). Approved by main naval registers.



Easy to install, safe, resistant to corrosion and humidity M.M. gratings can be used in waste water treatment plants. Available also with covered surface. Products range is completed by M.M. parapets, cost effective and easy to install.


Other Applications

M.M. gratings features answer also to the various requirements of: car wash plants, tanneries, electronic industry, breedings, wine plants, aqueducts, coastal stores, ecc.