m+p international Mess- und Rechnertechnik GmbH

m+p international Mess- und Rechnertechnik GmbH

m+p international as a worldwide provider of high-quality test and measurement solutions. Founded in 1980 as spin-off of the Institute of Technical Mechanics at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany, business was first focused on consulting and computational tasks for structural dynamics and applied mechanics. Today m+p international develops and manufactures test and measurement systems for vibration testing, dynamic signal analysis, data acquisition, process monitoring and test stand engineering. Our state-of-the-art products meet the highest demands on quality and reliability and have a significant market share in numerous key industries worldwide – everywhere where maximum efficiency and shortest time to market are crucial.

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Thurnithistraße 2 , Hannover , Niedersachsen 30519 Germany
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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Noise and Vibration
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


By working closely with our customers, we understand their applications from an engineer’s point of view and this is apparent in our products. A policy of continuous research and development, which has led to many pioneering solutions, ensures that our products demonstrate superior performance and quality.

m+p international has its headquarters in Hannover with sales/marketing subsidiaries in New Jersey (USA), England, France and China, along with representatives and agents in around 30 countries.

Our mission is to develop and manufacture high-quality, high-precision test and measurement systems to meet the challenges of today's vibration control, noise and vibration testing and data acquisition.

For special applications, we supply custom-made solutions for functional test rigs.

  • 1980 MAHRENHOLTZ + PARTNER Ingenieurgesellschaft was founded in Hannover by the then director of the Institute of Mechanics at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. E. h. mult. Dr. h. c. mult. Oskar Mahrenholtz and his collaborators Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Grabowski and Dr.-Ing. Walter Klie. At the beginning business was focused on consulting and computational tasks for mechanical dynamics and applied mechanics. In the following years activities shifted more and more to measurement and process data applications.
  • 1982 A sales partnership with Hewlett-Packard was started.
  • 1986 Development of the first vibration control system running on an HP 1000 workstation.
  • 1989 Introduction of the first vibration control system under UNIX (HP 9000 workstation).
  • 1992 m+p international Mess- und Rechnertechnik GmbH, Hannover, and m+p international, inc., Verona/New Jersey, were started to market the VibControl vibration testing and data acquisition systems throughout the world.
  • 1996 Realization of a monitoring system for product quality and process data in continuous production processes. The system was installed at Aluminium Norf, the largest aluminium roller plant worldwide.
  • 1997 A PC-based vibration control software was introduced. It was the world's first product for environmental vibration test applications that was running under Windows NT.
  • 1998 The ACON vehicle canister preconditioning under Windows NT was launched.
  • 1999 m+p international (UK) Ltd., Farnham/UK, was started to support our global business efficiently.
  • 2000 MAHRENHOLTZ + PARTNER Ingenieurgesellschaft was merged with m+p international Mess- und Rechnertechnik GmbH into the new m+p international Mess- und Rechnertechnik GmbH. Managing Director,
  • Dr.-Ing. Walter Klie, called the merger an excellent basis on which to expand the growing international business.
  • 2001 Close cooperation with M&M Corporation, Leuven, Belgium. Worldwide sales and marketing of the M&M SmartOffice products for noise and vibration engineers.
  • 2003 m+p international S.A.R.L, Montesson/France, was started to market our products and solutions in Western Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Benelux).
  • 2004 New office in Singapore and co-operation with several representatives in Asia and Russia.
  • 2005 Introduction of a vehicle pass-by noise testing system using specially developed GPS components for reduced equipment and manpower demands.
  • 2006 m+p international launches the portable 24-bit, 4-channel, USB powered m+p SO Analyzer for dynamic signal analysis.
  • 2007 m+p international opens an office in Beijing to market our solutions for vibration testing, noise and vibration control and high-channel data acquisition in China. Introduction of the m+p Coda software platform for continuous data acquisition, signal analysis and process monitoring from tens to thousands of input channels.
  • 2008 Development of the compact 4/8-channel m+p VibPilot hardware platform for both vibration control and dynamic signal analysis in the lab and in the field. Introduction of m+p international’s next generation m+p VibExec for high-channel count vibration testing and continuous time domain recording in parallel.
  • 2010 Development of a mobile 96-channel m+p Coda data acquisition system used by the customer for
  • turbomachinery testing.
  • 2011 Launching of the m+p VibRunner data acquisition hardware platform for noise and vibration analysis, vibration testing and process monitoring. Use as standalone instrument or mounted into a 19” rack.
  • 2012 Supply of a m+p Coda system providing more than 700 input channels to acquire process and vibration signals.
  • 2014 Development of a high-frequency vibration test rig for elastomer mounts, cooperation between m+p international, the IDS Institute of Leibniz University and Continental AG, all located in Hanover, Germany

Quality Policy

m+p international is dedicated to supplying high-quality products and services which satisfy customer expectations and requirements.

Employees are empowered and encouraged to maintain excellence through quality, by means of continuous improvement processes, supported by operating procedures based on a certified quality standard. The Management is committed to sustaining continuous process improvements and to ensuring that the interests of all customers remain of paramount importance.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification 

m+p international’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2008. We have received this certification since 2003.

Compliance to ISO 9001 standard help us optimize procedures and processes in our operations. The result is shorter lead times, high delivery reliability and consistently high quality of products and services.