M3V is focused on providing web based software for SDS Management, GHS compliance, EH&S task tracking and management and SARA Tier II reporting since 2002. We don’t try to be everything to everybody by over engineering our software and tools. Our business model is very different from our competitors. Although we can acquire SDS sheets for you and update your entire library on demand to ensure that you are using the most recent version, we don`t employ an army of people to update millions of SDS`s in a shared library every month. That drives up the cost. We are typically at least ½ the cost of any other vendor. We also strongly believe that the content that is in your library belongs to you, not to us. At any time you may export any portion of your library for offline compliance/backup, AND you may also export all of the data behind your library to an Excel sheet for a complete chemical inventory (a great thing to share with your local fire department).

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Because you are not sharing your collection with thousands of other users, you may also customize the information you present to your employees. For example, with a single click the first aid information for any chemical will instantly pop up. But not only that, you can also display the phone number of the emergency room closest to your facility, an internal emergency phone number, your state specific poison control hotline, etc.

SDS software has never been easier or more affordable. Please contact us for detailed pricing or to schedule a demonstration. Give us a few minutes and we will show you that we can earn your business and your trust.

M3V Data Management is a software development firm staffed by Ph.D’s in Chemistry, P.E.’s (Environmental), CHMM’s and scientists who all came from a regulatory or industrial Environmental Health and Safety background.  Because we have dealt with thousands of EH&S Managers over the years, we have spent a lot of time listening to their comments and needs.  By far, the most recurring input that our clients shared with us was about their need for a system to organize data.  We found that most people were either using a spreadsheet or an expensive and awkward electronic system.

After hearing this numerous times in our first year, we started developing web based software applications dedicated to the Environmental, Health and Safety Manager.  We have now been doing this for half a decade and many of our applications are on their 2nd or 3rd major release.  Of course we have some competition in this field, but after trying our applications, our clients never look back because we have earned their business and their trust.  We are committed to developing software that is affordable, relevant to your business and easy to use.

Some of our competitors try to be everything to everybody.  Our clients like the fact that our applications are designed to be as involved or removed from the other parts of your business as you desire.  In other words, if you need to organize tasks or (m)SDS sheets, we don't try to take over your inventory control or accounting system.  You can ask us to entirely outsource your processes or you may control everything with complete independence.  Many of our competitors lure clients with a claim of low fees, but then charge them a lot of money for extra monthly access views or technical support.  With M3V Data Management, you pay a small monthly fee ($50 - $98), and that is it. These fees also include unlimited training and the cost of all future upgrades!

Because of this, and our strong commitment to customer service, we have clients across the U.S. and Europe that range from small “one person operations” to Tier I OEM’s with multiple facilities.