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Mabey is a leading provider of bridging and non-mechanical construction equipment and services, helping to establish the foundations for communities to build and grow. We work in 140 countries around the world, enabling the safer, faster development of new bridges, buildings, roads, railways and utilities that form the foundation of the communities we serve. We combine engineering and design expertise, quality products and personal service to solve the world’s construction and maintenance challenges. Mabey was founded almost 100 years ago with a focus on product design, production and people. These principles continue to shape our business today.

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Station Road , Chepstow , Monmouthshire NP16 5YL United Kingdom

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Construction & Construction Materials
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Globally (various continents)
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Mabey is a leading international bridge and engineering services specialist.  We combine engineering excellence with expert design and manufacturing skills.

We're dedicated to helping our customers deliver construction and infrastructure projects more quickly, safely and efficiently across the road, rail, utilities and construction sectors.

Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Designing, manufacturing and constructing bridges
  • Structural and environmental monitoring
  • Designing and installing temporary works (propping and shoring, jacking, formwork and falsework)

We provide a broad range of non-mechanical groundworks equipment for hire, including:

  • Structural shoring
  • Trench support systems
  • Propping systems
  • Shoring boxes
  • Ground mats

More than just a shoring company, we also train engineers in best practice.

Our Purpose is to help customers deliver their projects more quickly, safely and efficiently. We achieve this by providing our value-adding engineering expertise, services and products in the right way to our customers.

Mabey has been in business for nearly 100 years, employs more than 600 people and delivers projects from 28 locations around the world.

Our Vision is – by 2022 – to be recognised as the leading engineering and construction services provider in our chosen markets.

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We are striving to become recognised as the leading engineering and construction services company, known for helping our customers deliver their infrastructure and construction projects more quickly, safely and efficiently.

To achieve this we must attract, recruit and retain the best people to work in Mabey and have a sustained culture of excellence in all we do:

  • Safety - we aim to be an exemplar company in our sector, and beyond
  • Service – we aim to deliver best in class service to our customers
  • Engineering – leading in innovative solutions to complex challenges
  • People – attracting and retaining great people, engendering advocacy.

Our Culture is enabled by our Values which influence how we work every day:

Safety, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Service.

The way we differentiate ourselves is by bringing these values to life through daily customer experiences that we are proud of.


Our safety vision is “everyone home, injury free, every day”.

We take personal responsibility for the health, safety and wellbeing of ourselves and others. Helping our customers make their sites safer and more productive is a commitment that is respected by all Mabey employees.


Our customers view us as trusted, long-term partners who behave fairly and with integrity at all times. Committing to high standards is intrinsic to the Mabey way of doing business and we will support all our people in doing the right thing. We take ethical standards seriously and are committed to improving our practices to combat slavery, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking within our Modern Slavery policy.


Treating colleagues, customers, the environment and communities in which we operate with respect helps to strengthen the longevity of our partnerships.

In practice, we cannot expect customers to think of us as a valued supplier if we do not demonstrate our respect to them.

We show this by ensuring customers understand complex engineering terms and respecting their own worksites and people.

It also means listening to other ideas and viewpoints, and accepting differences.


The high quality products and personal services that define Mabey demonstrate our passion for excellence. We are committed to seeking new and innovative ways to create exemplar solutions for our customers.

In practice, Mabey is defined by the quality of its products, services and people.

We aim for our customers to be proud to work with Mabey and be happy to recommend our services to colleagues and friends.


We have strong relationships with our customers. Mabey is renowned for exceeding customer expectations through the quality of our engineering expertise and service.

It is the way we do things that makes all the difference. High quality customer services and engineering expertise are key differentiators and come in many forms.

Our Vision

Protecting our employees, contractors and client’s workforce is fundamental to our business.  Our products are designed to enable safer construction and maintenance of buildings, utilities and infrastructure, ensuring that projects progress faster, are more productive and more efficient.

We are committed to preventing injury to our people through the development of our global cultural maturity programme. This goal is reflected in our corporate health and safety vision:

Our seven health and safety beliefs

At the very centre of our cultural growth are our 7 cultural beliefs which form the moral basis for our decision making. Each of these beliefs have been used to anchor specific cultural improvement strategies. Our health and safety beliefs are:

  • I will always find time to work safely
  • I am responsible for my own health and safety
  • I am responsible for the safety of my team
  • All hazards must be corrected immediately
  • It’s OK to challenge and it’s OK to be challenged
  • All injuries can and must be prevented
  • Everyone has the right to go home safe and well

Our Strategy
We plan to prevent accidents from occurring by employing a multi-component STEP change improvement strategy that aims to:

  • Develop our management systems to meet expectations of all our interested parties
  • Ensure our tools and equipment is designed, used and maintained to the highest safety standards
  • Provide a safe working environment where all interested parties are fully engaged
  • Develop our people and embed safe values and behaviours through a cultural maturity program

We control our hazards through the promotion of our Check, Challenge and Correct accident prevention behaviours.

Performance standards

We have established systems in place to manage Health & Safety, including applying 12 leading and lagging indicators to monitor and improve performance that are overseen by our Group Executive.

All areas of the business are periodically assessed against our rigorous performance standards and senior executives conduct site tours where they proactively review and discuss Health & Safety issues with people at all levels.

Our UK businesses have formal Health & Safety management systems that are certified to BS OHSAS 18001, and are also active members of industry sector accreditation schemes including RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) and Building Confidence.

As an Australian and New Zealand safety leader in the provision of shoring groundworks products, our operations comply and exceed standards AS:4744.1 and AS:5047 in the supply of shoring and groundworks products.

Our management systems are supported by a Group-wide policy aimed at establishing industry leading standards across all of our operations, regardless of location.