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  • Macpresse - Fluffer Conditioner

    Macpresse - Fluffer Conditioner

    The fluffer is a rotating blade operated by an electrical motor in the baler hopper and is suitable to bale high density materials such as newspapers, magazines and coated paper.

  • Macpresse - Plastic Wire Tying

    Macpresse - Plastic Wire Tying

    Plastic wire is used mainly in the RDF, industries and for all biomass intended for cement factories and waste to energy plants.

  • Macpresse - Model MSS 1 - Diagnostic Tool

    Macpresse - Model MSS 1 - Diagnostic Tool

    Siemens Industrial PC: double diagnostic function and remote support. The Siemens industrial PC is the diagnostic tool that monitors all the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical functions of the baler, displaying in real time electrical consumption, downtime and wire use, offering the possibility of determining the real ton/euro baling costs.

  • Macpresse - Model MDC - Mac Density Control System

    Macpresse - Model MDC - Mac Density Control System

    The MDC Mac Density Control allows the ideal pressure very quickly. A manifold of hydraulic valves, activated by the Siemens PCs, acts on the counter pressure piston increasing or decreasing the pressure according to the materials to be baled. Setting the ideal pressure is quick. This system creates homogeneous bales of maximum density even if materials are often changed (plastic / paper).

  • Macpresse - Model XL - Extrusion Channel

    Macpresse - Model XL - Extrusion Channel

    The bale exit channel can be supplied longer than standard. This option is designed to increase the specific density of bales, especially when baling plastic or when changes of materials (plastic/paper) to be baled are frequent.

  • Macpresse - Channel Release Pressure Device

    Macpresse - Channel Release Pressure Device

    Thanks to the release pressure device  (electro/hydraulic) system, in the event of a jam the operator can relieve the exit channel piston of any pressure and act directly on it. In case of a jam, the operator must press a button on the baler electrical panel to zero the pressure in the channel control cylinder, activating an automatic compacting cycle in order to cut and compact without any back pressure. At the end of the cycle, the system...

  • Macpresse - Bale Length Display System

    Macpresse - Bale Length Display System

    The large display allows monitoring the lenght of the bales, showing their progress in real time untile the final tying. This device is very useful when changing materials to be baled or if the baler is in manual mode to allow the material still on the conveyor to be baled, guaranteeing the production of bales of the length required for storing....

  • Macpresse - Leachate Collection System

    Macpresse - Leachate Collection System

    The MAC leachate collection is a belt with chain and scrapers used along the length of the baler perimeter. The belt collects leachate and drops it into a tank under the floor level so there are no leachate puddles on the floor or organic residues that require labor to be cleaned up. Organic residues can then be discharged into an container.

  • Macpresse - Model MSK - Mac Safety Keys

    Macpresse - Model MSK - Mac Safety Keys

    The Safe key system has been designed to offer much better performance in comparison with the basic standards required by the security regulations currently in force.

  • Macpresse - Model MSB - Mac Safety Belts

    Macpresse - Model MSB - Mac Safety Belts

    The belt safety system is characterized by a steel cable installed along the length of the conveyor belt ramp side. In case of an accidental fall, connected to a safety micro switch, the safety cable, pulled by the operator, isolates the baler and activates the E-Stop circuit.

  • Macpresse - Pneumatic Suction Trims

    Macpresse - Pneumatic Suction Trims

    The suction systems are composed by, pipes and fans, transporting the trimmings to the baler hoppers or to the stationary compactors. MACPRESSE has been making complete projects for printing plants and binderies for 20 years and our systems are present in over 15 countries.

  • Macpresse - Dust Collection System

    Macpresse - Dust Collection System

    The press can be equipped with a dust extraction systems which are formed during the pressing cycle. A screw system reinserts the powder into the compaction chamber. This system improves the air quality in the ‘working environment.

  • Macpresse - Standard Colors

    Macpresse - Standard Colors

    The MACPRESSE standard colors are green and blue while safety and inspection guards, are yellow. All are water-based paints. The color of the balers can also be customized according to the customer’s requirements.