MWH is a worldwide provider of performance systems housed within large combustion engines for vessels, locomotives and power-generation plants. Our commitment to continuous innovation has established us as an industry leader. You can look to MWH for a full range of products and services that improve engine cost of ownership, reliability, fuel consumption and emissions performance. We serve manufacturers who develop, assemble and maintain such engines, and fleet owners around the world who are responsible for keeping the engines running efficiently every day. MWH`s mission is to leverage our experience, technical leadership and worldwide presence to provide reliable service, quality products and valuable performance-system solutions to help you achieve your engine`s full potential, now and in the future.

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From our humble beginnings as a small smithery in 1859, MWH has been committed to finding new and better ways to serve our customers. Nearly a century of expertise in forging led to our move in 1948 to produce valves for heavy diesel engine builders. Over the years, MWH evolved to develop, manufacture and service key components for all types of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. We further expanded to include manufacturing and reconditioning of cylinder heads, cages, exhaust-valve assemblies, valves, seats, guides and rotators - more than 10,000 products in all.

Today, we are a worldwide leader in 'cylinder head systems' and house the new MWH Innovation Center and Engine Lab focused on improving engine efficiency, reliability, emissions performance and cost of ownership. You can be confident that engines produced with MWH systems will always lead the market in cost-effective performance.

Operational Excellence

You can look to MWH for more than our full selection of reliable goods and services. We also are committed to reducing your in-process inventory and the costs associated with it. From state-of-the-art technologies to our global network of subsidiaries and partners, we are well-suited to maximize your return on your investment.

Customer/Service Driven

As cylinder head system specialists, we are dedicated to ensuring that your engines operate at optimum efficiency each and every day. We provide engine diagnostics and trouble-shooting to get to the core of your most challenging issues. Then, we draw on our extensive experience in engineering design, materials, production knowledge, and the testing resources of our Innovation Center to develop the innovative solutions and expert advice you need.

Product Leadership

Every day at MWH, we challenge ourselves to enhance the performance of our clients’ engines. As one example of our strong commitment to our customers, we created the MWH Innovation Center, where our team of experts consistently develops and thoroughly tests new products and services. And because of our technological superiority in the industry, you will find that many of these quality innovations are available only from MWH.

Delivering Peak Performance Time After Time

The more precisely your cylinder head system components interact, the more efficiently your engine runs. MWH has the insight and experience to determine exactly how each component should systematically interact to deliver optimal performance. We have worked with more than 90% of the world’s largest marine, locomotive and power generation engine manufacturers to help them meet the challenges of developing the next generation of engines. As Cylinder Head Systems Specialists, we have comprehensive expertise in the industry, from assembling sub-systems for large combustion engines to lifecycle management. We also provide expert service to keep your engines running at optimum levels, all over the globe.