Magnatech Fuel Conditioning Limited

Many companies have run very extensive trials to determine if Magnatech Units really will help reduce fuel consumption. They include Pfizers, Eli Lilly, Heinz, the Royal Navy and the MOD. Our clients come from food processing, manufacturing industry, light manufacturing through to heavy industry, refineries to offices and warehouses. Hotels to stately homes. From massive commercial boilers to a single domestic heater in a house. Army barracks to Royal Navy Fleet Headquaters. All have been pleased with the savings they have made. Fuel consumption reduction ranges from 5% to over 10% p.a..We are able to condition any type of hydrocarbon fuel so long as sufficient magnets can be placed in the required position on the fuel line.

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Unit 5 Litchborough Industrial Estate, Northampton Road , Litchborough , NN12 8JB United Kingdom

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Globally (various continents)
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