MAGUIN SAS - a Moret Industries Company

MAGUIN SAS - a Moret Industries Company

Maguin, renowned for its expertise in sugar technology, has in more recent years diversified its activities. Today the Company offers a full range of processes and equipment within four major areas: Beet Sugar Industry; Drying and screening of organic and mineral materials; Alcohol and Bio-ethanol production; Environmental control majoring in incineration of industrial and hospital waste.

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2, rue Pierre Senard , Charmes , 02800 France
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Waste and Recycling
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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These four operational departments are able to integrate their creativity, expertise and production capabilities to respond to customers’ needs.

Maguin has built up over many years reference technologies and the reputation for high quality equipment and services.

Our aim is to reinforce this image by continuous development in our markets while responding to changing customer needs.

Maguin is one of two core businesses owned by Moret Industries and is located at Saint-Quentin, northern France, the other is the industrial pump specialist Ensival Moret International.

The Company was founded in 1843 and originally manufactured lime. By the early 20th century Maguin had secured a worldwide reputation as a supplier of equipment and complete plants to the sugar and beet distillery industry. The events of two world wars caused Maguin to concentrate on the European market, especially in the provision of sugar beet equipment. By the early 2000s the business had evolved and developed to meet an increasingly complex industrial demand by acquiring companies with synergetic activities – FDI (1994),Maguin-Chelmza (1998), Promill (1998), Interis (2000), Remex (2001).

These companies have been fully integrated into the Maguin structure and organised into four divisions – Sugar, Drying, Environment, Alcohol. This diversity of activity allows Maguin to offer a wide range of technology and expertise, which covers all aspects from processing of raw materials to finished product. The sharing of this know-how across the company guarantees Maguin a long term future.

Our corporate philosophy is built on our long heritage and the best traditions of a family firm, and this guides our decision making and day-to-day working. These core values empower and bond together our teams.

Over the years we have created a working environment which is able to offer our customers, world-wide, the most innovative solutions and services of high quality and unbeatable performance.

Our aim is to develop long lasting partnerships with our customers. We realize the importance of understanding the complexities of their particular industry so that we can proactively respond to their needs and achieve the optimum solution for them.
Our solutions combine both economic performance and environmental concern, for the total and long lasting satisfaction of our customers.

As major players in our field, we set an example and pave the way forward. We motivate our staff and develop their capabilities. We encourage them to have ambitious goals in the quest for high performance and innovation.

Our design office is divided into three areas which are provided with the most suitable tools for the realization of complete industrial plants and for the manufacture of complex boiler equipment.

Our expert staff work in R & D, Project Implementation (engineering calculations, drawings, planning ….) and Standardization ( methods and machines).

We work with Solidworks, AutoCAD, PDMS so as to meet the various requirements of our customers (mock, 3D location, PID, PFD, process plan ….)

All calculations are performed using ANSYS software Professional and SICAP Net.

Document management for all our projects and standards is provided by the PDM tool.

We have also implemented Flow Simulation of Solid Works allowing us to do the best ‘routing’ for our various facilities.

Our workshops at Charmes and Serville, France and Chelmza, Poland are spacious and equipped with machinery which produces consistent high quality products and are flexible.

Our on-site offices provide production scheduling and control the various production processes.

Our production facilities allow us to perform all the manufacturing operations required to build our equipment including cutting, assembling, welding, machining, sand-blasting, painting ….

We also have a Test Section which allows us to fully validate standard equipment in our workshops (drum beet slicer, crushers…)

Equipped with a new 5-axis machining centre, we can machine workpieces 1 m3 (1m on 3 axes) with accuracy to 1 micron.

Our Logistics Department, in conjunction with a network of approved suppliers, is able to respond to any specific shipment requirements.

Our installation and commissioning teams are very experienced and are involved in all areas of expertise within our projects, but they can also work on specific tasks requested by the customer.

Our Quality Assurance system governs all our work procedures from bid point to commissioning, ensuring that at every stage the project conforms to the required standards and the final works are of the required quality and to plan.

We have MASE certification and our teams operate according to our HSE management system, the policy of which is agreed by all Group management.