Maplecroft as the global landscape evolves, it is imperative to navigate, manage and monitor the political, economic, social and environmental risks that affect new growth opportunities for business, especially in emerging markets. Maplecroft’s Global Risks Portfolio and services combine rigorous research with technological innovation to offer risk screens, monitoring tools and invaluable insights into the most challenging political, economic, social and environmental risks and responsibilities facing global business today.

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Globally (various continents)

Verisk Maplecroft helps organisations optimise and strengthen their risk management processes and supply chains by providing a full spectrum solution that blends an unparalleled portfolio of global risk analytics with world-leading analysis, real-time locational monitoring and innovative risk calculator technology.

This holistic approach to risk enables multinational companies to pinpoint current threats, identify emerging trends and monitor risks to business continuity, assets or corporate reputations, giving them the insight they need to make risk-adjusted decisions across the entire operational and supply chain universe.

We achieve this through:

  • Global risk analytics and data visualisation, covering over 200 issues for 198 countries
  • In-depth country risk and commodity analysis
  • Live locational threat alerts and data feeds for security and human rights issues
  • Interactive risk tools and mapping technology that can securely incorporate client data
  • An expert advisory team, developing risk solutions aligned to client needs

Verisk Maplecroft’s scope of vision is unmatched within the risk management sector. We cover a far wider range of issues than our competitors, with our analytics and in-depth analysis encompassing a host of political, economic, societal and environmental risk factors down to sub-national levels. This is supported by a range of interactive tools developed by in-house experts with input from our clients. This means we provide effective and easy to use solutions that reduce costs and help companies identify, monitor, prioritise and manage risk, not only in their own operations and investments, but also for their suppliers and the raw materials they source.