Mar Systems Inc.

Mar Systems Inc.

Mar Systems Inc. is an Ohio-based company. Our firm has developed a Faster, Cheaper, Greener solution for the removal of heavy metal contaminants from water. As a result of the increasing presence of hazardous metal contaminants found in water, MAR Systems has developed patented, proprietary processes that remove mercury, selenium, arsenic and other metals from water through its Sorbster media.

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30625 Solon Road, Unit G , Cleveland , Ohio 44139 USA

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Water Filtration and Separation
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Internationally (various countries)
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Sorbster media technology chemisorbs the contaminants creating a non-hazardous disposal option, and we have implemeted a process to get your industry into EPA compliance in just six months. MAR Systems’ process establishes a new standard in effectiveness, cost and simplicity to ensure water treatment facilities are using an EPA co-developed media that finally addresses and solves the conflict between industry and the environment.

The world is demanding a more eco-friendly water treatment solution, and MAR Systems is answering the call with a FASTER, CHEAPER, GREENER, way to remove metal contaminants from water.