Maratek Environmental Inc.

Maratek Environmental Inc.

Maratek Environmental Inc. manufactures off the shelf and customized chemical recycling equipment that saves industrial manufacturers money. Companies that produce chemical waste such as solvents, oils and wastewaters can see strong ROI`s with our solutions. Our team of chemical and mechanical engineers can design a recycling solution for any application internationally. Our equipment designs range from batch distillation, fully automated continuous distillation, fractional distillation, evaporation, membrane separation and chemical adsorption.

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60 Healey Road , Bolton , Ontario L7E 5A5 Canada
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Recycling Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

Maratek Environmental Inc. has proudly served industrial manufacturers who produce hazardous chemical waste and solvent waste for more than 40 years.  

With a unique portfolio of innovative products and services, we strive to assist our clients in meeting the ever tightening environmental compliance legislation - while reducing costs and saving money.

Our objective is to provide environmentally conscious products and services that will help you dispose of waste produced from printing, photofinishing, silver, automotive, aerospace and paint related manufacturing.

Maratek is an environmental industry leader, as a recipient of the Financial Post Environmental Award for Business and the prestigious GATF InterTech Award for the Solvent Saver system.

In 2011, Maratek Environmental acquired Omega Systems of Montreal, allowing Maratek to expand its product offering to a full suite of recycling equipment products.

Maratek Environmental is a world leader in solvent recycling and solvent recovery equipment manufacturing.  Our award-winning equipment is used by thousands of companies world-wide due to its unique and customizable features.  

No matter what solvent you use, we can provide standard or custom solutions that will meet your exact requirements. 

The choice of unit will be dependent on a number of criteria. 

We offer free consultations and free analysis of your liquid waste streams to help your determine the best unit for your needs. 

Our solvent recycling equipment will help you stay competitive by keeping solvent waste costs low while supporting you company’s environmentally friendly initiatives. 

Our Equipment is the safest, smartest, best supported and best serviced.

Maratek Can Lower Your Solvent Costs By Up To 95% By Recycling Your Used Solvent!

Maratek Environmental is a high-tech manufacturer of solvent recycling equipment with more than 40 years of experience.   

We create industry specific recycling systems to reclaim valuable liquid chemical wastes, such as solvents and oil.   

We have experience in the following industries:

If you generate contaminated wastewater, Grey water, rinse water or mop water in your production facility then Maratek'swastewater purification systems can help you recycle wastewater streams for re-use or disposal, lowering your costs, saving your money and reducing your liability.

Maratek has worked with many companies who generate wastewater contaminated with oils, solvents, lube-oils, grease, inks, coolants, glycols etc. where jurisdictions prohibit the discharging of wastewater to the sewer.

The Aquamizer M is a membrane based water treatment machine. Membranes of various sizes can be used to filter out all contaminants from water. Each system can be custom designed based on your specific waste stream and volumes.

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The Aquamizer F is a flocculation based water treatment machine using a chemical process to bind contaminants together to be filtered out. Many wastewater stream types can use a flocculation based treatment.

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We provide free quotes and lab tests of your wastewater stream to provide you with the best solution possible. We also have rental programs on all our equipment which allow you to start saving money immediately with no fixed costs or contract required.