Marathon Batteries (P) Ltd

Marathon Batteries (P) Ltd

Marathon Batteries Pvt. Ltd. An ISO 9001:2008 Company, known by MARATHON, in the industry has been established in 2009 with a centralized focus to develop and manufacture products for stored energy requirements in the Domestic Industrial Segments and Deliver Service to achieve the Absolute Customer Satisfaction Marathon has a well-developed core team having rich expertise to research, develop deliver products of alternate Power requirement to suit each customized needs. Apart from the indigenous Automotive & Inverter Batteries, Marathon is now expanding its horizon for the ever rising demand of Solar application `GREEN` Batteries in order to get over the extinction of natural resources Marathon short but exponential success story comprise the thought-process involved well delivered Products Services.We shall be glad to respond to any all queries regarding the alternate stored energy source.

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S-10-11, Dwarika Towers, Central Spine, Vidysdhar Nadar , Jaipur , Rajasthan 302023 India

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Professional association
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Energy - Solar Power
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Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

MARATHON Solar Flooded and Gel MONOBLOC BATTERIES are designed to offer reliable, low-maintenance power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable.

Electric power - everywhere, at all times and independent of mains supply - such are the demands of our modern society. Energy provision with photovoltaics is thus becoming ever more important. Solar cells directly transform light into electric power. The energy gained is stored in Marathon solar batteries from the Maxxima and Super -G brands. It is then available at night and in bad weather conditions. There is a wide spectrum of applications for this future orientated and environmentally safe technology.

Maxxima Tubular Batteries are permanently charged and discharged in all applications. These cyclical demands require batteries with special characteristics, which are fulfilled in all respects by the Maxxima solar batteries. They are characterized by high cycle stability, long life, minimum maintenance requirements, very low self-discharge and they are easy to service and mount and have a short charging time. Maxxima solar batteries guarantee the highest level of reliability and efficiency for your solar pv system.

 Super -G Tubular Gel batteries are designed especially for maintenance free performance requirements in the solar , leisure and consumer fields. This the product advantages of maintenance-free and sealed VRLA batteries (valve regulated lead acid) result from the successful Gel technology. Typical examples of their application are in weekend and holiday homes without mains supply, street solar stations, information signs, wireless emergency phones, and in many other safety system power supply applications.