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  • Keep It Simple!

    Keep It Simple!

    This unique system automates composite sampling of tanks, non-pressurized pipes, sumps, open channels and sewers, and facilitates monitoring of effluent for environmental regulatory compliance. Inherently explosion-proof, and self-cleaning, it uses ...

  • Hit Your Target!

    Hit Your Target!

    This hand-held sludge level detector helps eliminate unnecessary pumping/dredging of clarifiers, tanks and lagoons, and aids in monitoring sludge bed depth for regulatory compliance and prevention of carryover. It uses high-intensity infrared light ...

  • Maintain Your Concentration!

    Maintain Your Concentration!

    This non-intrusive ultrasonic meter provides real-time continuous %SS readings of sludge/silt/RAS concentrations in pipes, tanks and clarifiers, and automates sludge removal. It allows users to program underflow pumps to shut off before bio-solids ...



    This Detector automates de-sludge pumps to operate only when necessary, reducing energy usage, wear-and-tear on pumps, and downtime for maintenance. It helps prevent carryover and optimize feed density for enhanced de-watering. Measuring, monitoring ...