Marshall Environmental Training and Consulting Group, Inc., (METC Group)

Marshall Environmental Training and Consulting Group, Inc., (METC Group)

Marshall Environmental Training and Consulting Group, Inc., (METC Group) is a small company that works extensively with treatment facilities - operator training, system and process troubleshooting, treatment system audits, operations manuals, and workshops. The owner and president of METC Group , Rick Marshall, has over 43 years of operations experience with industrial and municipal treatment systems. His previous work including working for two large engineering firms focusing on O&M services and a small O&M/contract operations firm.

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2870 NW Duchess Pl , Corvallis , Oregon 97330 USA
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Water Consulting and Engineering
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
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Operations Training

Customized workshops are delivered on-site focused on treatment plant process - fundamentals, process control tools (settlometer, microscope, sludge blanket, oxygen uptake rate) operator control elements (RAS, WAS, Aeration, Nutrients) and troubleshooting (Filamentous bulking, slime bulking, foaming, High effluent TSS, High effluent BOD).

Treatment System Audits

Evaluate unit processes identifying performance limiting factors, write audit report summarizing findings and recommendations for addressing the limitng factors.


Work with the treatment system staff in resolving operational problems such as poor settling and foaming in order to achieve more consistent permit compliance.

Operator manuals

Prepare operator friendly manuals used as references and not book shelf dust collectors. Customized formats combining graphics with texts for easy understanding and use.

Plant optimization

Help treatment plants fine-tune their systems to provide consistent treatment while minimizing operational costs.

General Workshops

Deliver a series of workshops at various locations - Activated Sludge Operations, Troubleshooting/Optimizing Activated Sludge Operations, Aerated Stabilization Basin Operations, Using the Microscope to Evaluate Process.

Microscopic Exams 

Conduct microscpic exam of samples and provide a brief report on the findings with supporting photographs.

Monthly Microscopic Exam, Data Review
This service is set up for month by month. The basic service includes a monthly microscopic examination of your sludge. A brief email report is provided combining a summary of microscopic findings and supporting photographs. An optional servcie is to prepare and review key data trends noting key changes in trends and flag potential problems. It is useful to combine the microscopic results with the data trends to better determine performance problems.