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  • Wet FGD

  • Ammonium Sulfate / Ammonia-Sased FGD

    Ammonium Sulfate / Ammonia-Sased FGD

    In the Ammonia Sulfate (AS) process, the absorption of SO2 is accomplished with either anhydrous or aqueous ammonia and converts the captured SO2 into a high value crop fertilizer. This advanced technology provides a unique solution enabling power generators to achieve regulatory compliance producing significant revenues by the sale of AS fertilizer.

  • MET - Limestone / Gypsum System

    MET - Limestone / Gypsum System

    The MET Limestone / Gypsum system utilizes an open spray tower and high velocity mist eliminators. The SO2 in the flue gas is absorbed by the recycle slurry, containing calcium carbonate. By introducing air into the absorber reaction tank the calcium sulfite reaction product is oxidized into calcium sulfate (gypsum). The gypsum is dewatered and can be used in agricultural applications or in the manufacture of wallboard and cement. MET has...

  • Sodium Hydroxide

    Sodium Hydroxide

    In sodium scrubbing, a solution of sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate absorbs the SO2 from the flue gas. The SO2 reacts to form sodium sulfite and sodium bisulfite which are dissolved in solution. Part of all of the sulfites can be oxidized to form sodium sulfate. Sodium scrubbing differs from lime or limestone-based systems in that no solid waste is produced. Because of the high reactivity of the sodium...