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Martin Parr Funding

Martin Parr Funding

Martin Parr, an acknowledged leader in the field of environmental management and renewable energy, has joined his funding operation to ensure a more steadfast action on climate change, sustainable development and the green economy. This is a serious call to make the changes that are necessary – now- and not wait for time to seriously run out and we are calling on governments to adopt national policies without delay.

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188 Liscard Road , Wallasey , CH44 5TN CH44 5TN United Kingdom
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Service provider
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Environmental Management
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Martin Parr is an accepted leading international authority on proactive environmental management, renewable energy and climate change, with dedicated core activities that include training, technology, contingency planning and project business plans. Having always been passionate about the protection of the environment, today he is very conscious and alert that there is considerably more to be done, but increasingly with less public funds available for those important infrastructure and humanitarian projects. 

With the onset and continuing global economic problems, both the public and private sectors are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain the necessary investment to fund their multi-sectorial projects. It becomes very sad when not only are the developing and emerging nations finding it hard to source funding, but also the developed countries are unable to assist them; as seen in the failure of the 2009 Copenhagen Summit. Martin Parr supports the Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change (CLG) and continues to support international efforts to reduce the effects of climate change. He has signed the 2°C Challenge Communiqué and more recently the 2012 Carbon Price Communiqué. 

In his typical entrepreneurial style, Martin Parr has championed and personally sought innovative funding mechanisms with uncomplicated protocols. A global platform using a private placement programme approach has now been created through the colaboration of (i) a major international resources organisation and (ii) high profile international banks. Together, the platform is able to offer unlimited humanitarian infrastructure funding; funding that is non-recourse which is neither in the form of a soft loan nor a grant. 

The mechanism and protocols involved allow for the raising of important funds, usable only against viable accepted projects. Proposed projects should be of a humanitarian type; creating employment, creating industry and assisting in the building up of a strong economy. Example projects include Infrastructure, Housing, Schools, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Water and Waste Water, Transportation, Energy including Renewable and Alternative Energy and, of course, the Environment.