MAS Group has been manufacturing full range of residential and industrial pumps since 1977. We have dedicated our activities more than a manufacturer that provides efficient use of water and energy and focusing our efforts on searching for ways to conserve the resources needed to sustain life. MAS Group in which 1 professor, 1 consultant, 26 engineers, 7 technicians, 142 workers are employed have ISO 9001 quality certificate and also have UL, FM, NFPA 20, TSE, CE, GOST, UKR Sepro certificates. MAS Group having more than 100 dealers all around turkey and exporting its products to more than 50 countries always aims to give best service and also finding reliable and fast solutions to the customers.

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Atasehir Bulvari Atasehir Ticaret Merkezi, Ata Çarsi K : 4 No . 59 , Istanbul , Tuzla-Ýstanbul 34953 Turkey

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Water and Wastewater - Pumps & Pumping
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Internationally (various countries)

Since 1977, our company has attracted the attention with its innovative approaches that set higher quality standards in the sector every day without compromising from its quality.

Mas Pump is the most innovative and followed company which has been manufacturing centrifugal pumps for various industry sector groups such as watering, heating & cooling systems, shipbuilding industry, waste water management systems, fire extinguishing process and so on since 1977. Beyond expectations from a pump manufacturer; it dedicates itself to the efficient use of energy and water, and to the conservation of living resources in this way. 

Mas Pump, with its more than 200 domestic dealers and service points, which manages to offer the best service with the right timing in our country and always considers customer satisfaction as a priority, now exports to more than 65 countries and keeps selling technology to the world thanks to its distributor and service network established in these countries.

Mas Pump has managed to obtain quality certifications such as ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System and ISO 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System as well as the UL, FM, NFPA 20, TSE, CE, ATEX, GOST, UKR Sepro quality certificates. Furthermore, it realizes the production of highly efficient pump systems in accordance with Europe 'ERP' directives.


  • In national and international scale, our vision is to be a leader brand of Turkish origin in the sectors where we provide services, to add value to our stakeholders, to be preferred one among others with our quality products and service approach.

Our Mission;

  • Leading the development,
  • Being Entrepreneurial and creative,
  • Being open-minded and reliable.

With the sense of responsibility towards its employees, environment, and society, Mas Grup has adopted the objective of providing all customers with the best and newest pumps and pumping systems of high quality.

Within the framework of this mission which we have adopted;

  • We undertake to fulfill the expectations of customers, employees and suppliers along with the administration of the company, to comply with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standard requirements by establishing an appropriate integrated management system and to develop the integrated management system continuously, to try to prevent pollution, and to comply with the legal and other requirements which we are liable for the environmental dimension.
  • obtain highest product quality,
  • get the shortest delivery time,
  • It is essential for our company to ensure reliability, continuity, and the execution of manufacturing and service activities in accordance with company expectations,
  • By having consultation with suppliers based on mutual benefits, it is essential for our company to manage, develop and continuously improve all resources such as human, machine, environment, materials and finance in the most efficient and effective way by being aware of the importance of these resources,
  • As being aware of the responsibility of industry leadership, it is essential for our company to contribute the economy of the company and –indirectly- of the country by increasing our market share continuously in domestic and overseas markets with customer-oriented sales policy.
  • It is essential for our company to identify the environmental objectives and targets and to ensure their revision by covering all the activities of our company.

Sustainable and Innovative Approach in Product and Production

In the production of centrifugal pumps, we are committed to provide our precious customers the products which we develop by giving importance to the energy recovery with innovative ideas through R & D activities.

We are aware of the indispensable importance of saving energy consumption in Turkey and in the world while manufacturing our products; and we follow all the technological advances in our production processes.

MAS Pump is showing effort to minimize carbon dioxide emissions not only with the efficiency of our products, but also by saving energy in the applications in its modern production facilities. Thus, Mas Pump also produces and offers energy saving products to the users with the approach of reducing the carbon footprint from the very beginning of the production.

We, the MAS Group, are proud of taking important steps for humanity by participating in activities with our energy-saving products to contribute to the nature which has been destroyed every passing day by using natural resources to generate energy. Each employee of MAS Group works with the conscious of environment and nature friendly production.