Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd. are an ISO 9001 (2008) accredited company, located close to Manchester, England, specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of the Surefire range of incinerators, cremators, waste to energy/power and flue gas abatement systems. We have built on a foundation of world renowned British craftsmanship, design, pride in client care and highly value the importance of our in-depth understanding of each client’s bespoke requirements.

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Units 2 and 3 Hyde Point, Dunkirk Lane , Hyde , Cheshire SK14 4NL United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Waste to Energy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Although Todaysure Matthews is now trading as Matthews Environmental Solutions, as an integral and important part of the Matthews International Corporation our business in the UK is built on a long tradition of design innovation and engineering excellence supported by world leading British craftsmanship and outstanding international customer support.

At our headquarters on the outskirts of Manchester, England we provide a total facility based around our unique experience and unrivalled knowledge of incinerators, cremators, waste to energy, waste to power and flue gas abatement technology.  We are a fully accredited ISO:9001 company with an enviable record and a proven global reputation for delivering high-value bespoke solutions that will satisfy every customer’s individual requirements exactly.  Respect for the past … design for the future.  That is our philosophy.

We are the acknowledged world-specialists in combustion technology and our internationally acclaimed products meet a wide cross-section of global demands including performance standards, environmental responsibility, user safety, fuel efficiency and compliance regulations … as well as, for many customers, increasingly important budgetary considerations.

Our world-leading range of Surefire®, Allburn® and TrashX® incinerators, plus our Novus® human cremation systems and our acclaimed pet cremators are all designed and engineered to meet every possible requirement from purpose designed, custom-built bespoke solutions to market proven budget conscious products.

Matthews Environmental Solutions LTD are a long established ISO 9001(2008) accredited company, that specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of the Surefire® brand of incinerators, cremators and combustions systems.

Our vision - to unify, grow and innovate.
Our mission – to focus on our environmental responsibility and success of our clients.
Our values - to demonstrate integrity, cultivate employees, be our best.

As part of our Total Waste Incineration Service we have developed an extensive catalogue of features and facilities that are all designed to improve the all-round efficiency of the waste disposal process and to resolve many of the issues and difficulties that companies, organisations and authorities may have encountered.

Many of these features are exclusive to Matthews Environmental Solutions and they have been implemented thanks to our many years experience covering a vast spectrum of industry sectors located across an impressive range of countries all around the world.  Over this period we have often been responsible for identifying where improvements could be achieved, while on other occasions we have also been requested to devise solutions that would overcome specific issues or problems.  Other features have been developed in response to changing legislation, evolving Health & Safety and environmental attitudes, as well as more recent economic considerations.

It is, as always, an on-going process and we will continue to develop our range of products, our systems, our features and benefits and of course the improvements that provide not only increased efficiency but also make our customers’ incineration operation easier, safer and better.

One of the great benefits of being one of the world’s longest established and certainly the most experienced specialists in incineration technology is that over the many years of our success story we have not only come across, but we have overcome so many pitfalls and problems. There are very few companies that can claim to match our level of experience and expertise.

What this means is that within our range of Waste Incinerators, Pet Cremation and Human Cremation systems we can offer a staggering choice of specialist technical features and extras many of which are exclusive to Matthews Environmental Solutions. Between them this impressive range of features provides the kind of industry proven, tried, tested and trusted assistance that helps our customers avoid unnecessary problems, ensures regulator compliance, boosts process efficiency, promotes environmental responsibility, increases operator safety and dramatically improves the overall productivity and cost-efficiency of the process.

In addition we can also offer an exciting catalogue of value-added opportunities that actually help the plant and the process to pay for itself.