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Maw Equipment

Maw Equipment has been around for over 85 years.  We have provided and continue to provide equipment and parts for our local farmers and construction businesses here in northern Utah.  We reside in Ogden just off the old highway at 3189 south and 1900 west.  We are very privileged to sell the Case brand because of the great quality and reliability that they provide and they continue to exceed our expectations in the design and capabilities of every piece of equipment built.

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3189 South 1900 , West Ogden , Utah 84401-3231 USA

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John Maw lived and grew up in Plain City Utah. As a father he spent many years raising sheep, cattle and crops.  In 1920he decided to join the retail business. John’s four sons joined him in to form the family business in Plain City in a supply and produce shipping business. Technology began to advance in the farming business with machines and mechanical equipment making farming more efficient and productive.  One of these companies was known as J.I. Case.  John signed on to sell Case farm equipment in 1928. The business that John ran was named John Maw and Sons. In the year 1936John passed away at the age of 68. 

Five years after John’s death his four sons decided to split off and pursue their own business interests. Only one of John’s sons continued with the business selling Case, Wilmer John Maw.  Wilmer also ran the business with his family just as John did.  Many years later in 1953Wilmer John passed away. Following his death Orlo Maw, one of Wilmer’s sons, decided with his brothers and sisters to establish the family business as Maw Equipment during that same year. Maw Equipment then became a corporation with Orlo presiding as President and later became the single owner of Maw Equipment.

In1957the family business began to evolve. J.I. Case introduced the first tractor loader backhoe, a revolutionizing piece of equipment for the construction industry. Orlo saw an opportunity to sell more backhoes so he moved the business from Plain City to its current location in Ogden, Utah.

Through the 1980’s and 90’s Orlo worked with his three sons, Lane, Brent, and Dean Maw. Each of them ran a different department at the business. In the year 1969the first skid steer was introduced. It wasn’t until 1997that a new revolutionary design was unveiled. Case released a new series of SSL’s, the XT series. The XT’s revolutionized the construction industry. They became a dominating piece of equipment in the industry.

In the early 2000’s the business continued to grow. In 2001 Orlo found himself in a tragic car accident with his wife, only a mile or so from Maw Equipment. They both survived but were in critical condition.  This resulted in a major burden for the brothers in the company, having to take on the business responsibilities that Orlo had managed. When Orlo recovered he continued to work part time, but spent a great deal of time with his wife Rosella, which didn’t fully recover from the accident. In April 2004, Orlo passed away and with his wife six months later.

For the next five years business was exploding in the Utah. In 2007the mini excavator was brought on at Maw Equipment. It gained great share in the market and since then has been a great addition to the Case lineup.  In 2010one of Deans son’s Kelton, joined the family business, becoming the next generation in the long-lived family business.

Maw Equipmentcontinues to sell a large share of light industrial equipment to the local cities and construction companies. Their success has come from the great establishment and work ethic that John Maw expressed and it has continued in every generation since. “We want to bring extra value to our relationship with customers by being a source of answers and information as well as innovative products” Dean Maw, and that will always been our goal here at Maw Equipment.