Maxan Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Maxan Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Maxan Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has forayed into manufacturing of Crumb Rubber Devulcanised Rubber and Reclaim Rubber by setting up 100 ton per day plant, therby tapping the huge potential in the field of rubber recycling. We offer quality products processed from scrap tires under the name of CRUMBER™ , DEVUMBER™, RECLAIMBER™ . We aim to promote reusing of waste rubber thus aiding in the preservation of our fragile environment. The company has made considerable capital investment and is well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and logistics to produce and export premium quality products across the globe. At Maxan, we give ample attention to all aspects of Rubber Recycling.

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4th Floor, IFFCO Bhavan , Shivranjni Cross Road, Satellite , Ahmedabad , Gujarat 380015 India

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Recycling Systems
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Internationally (various countries)
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Welcome to Maxan Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Earth, the only green planet in the galaxy is facing several environmental hazards. Several non-degradable wastes are dotting the earth due to indiscriminate exploitation of the natural resources and indiscreet dumping of the products obtained from them.

Scrap Tires are one of those products which have become a cause of worry around the world due to their hazardous impact on the environment due to their careless stacking.

Maxan Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has stepped forward in this field of recycling rubber to obtain its variants in the form of reclaim rubber and crumb rubber which can be further utilized as a raw material for manufacturing wide variety of products. The company firmly believes that today the necessity is to strictly conserve the natural resources by following the policy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Maxan Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is an upcoming venture which is committed to increase the ecological footprints by taking a positive step towards conservation of environment. Currently we are stepping initially into the production of Reclaimed Rubber and Crumb Rubber from scrap rubber.

The company comprises of state-of-the art infrastructure which strictly follows the norms laid down by Environment Regulatory authorities and International bodies. Maxan Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is in the process of obtaining accreditations and ISO certification shortly which would further endorse the functioning of the company. Our infrastructure comprises of a sprawling campus spread in an area of 2,00,000 square feet.


We have a sprawling manufacturing unit of around 2,00,000 inAhmedabad district of Gujarat with constructed area of around 1,00,000 sq.ft. The design, engineering and deployment of the manufacturing facility has been made by the reputed engineering and construction company. We have well equipped lab & latest technology equipment for testing material.

Our corporate office situated in Ahmedabad is of 9000 sq.ft area with total employee strength of 50. The corporate office is equipped with the latest in technologies and software and is situated at a prime location in the city.

  • To generate eco-friendly resources through recycling waste rubber.
  • To create quality raw material for high quality rubber products.
  • To constantly innovate through utilization of re-engineered and rational techniques and methods.
  • To pledge towards a greener tomorrow through resource conservation at every phase of our daily affairs.

  • Diversification in different variants of reclaimed and crumb rubber.
  • Constantly evolve through persistent invention and innovation.
  • Creation of more customer friendly policies to facilitate mutual growth.
  • Production of cost effective quality products.
  • Tapping existing market scenario for future expansion.

We understand our responsibilities towards the society as we completely believe in co-existence for sustained growth. As a startup we have already planted enough trees in a vast open area at our rubber recycling plant in order to maintain a fruitful balance between the environment and industrial progress. With such a large scale venture we are trying to generate considerable employment opportunities by deploying workers who are also trained in the required skills before employing.

In future also we have planned to conduct several social awareness program and other activities were we could exercise our duties wherever possible.

Environmental Problems Associated With Scrap Rubber
Accumulation of scrap rubber leads to direct threat to the environment due to its various associated hazards.

Scrap rubber has a very long degradation period of approx... 500 years, hence making it a threat by being virtually non – degradable.

Scrap tire stock piles are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes and small insects which can rapidly spread diseases like dengue and malaria posing enormous health risks.

The accumulated scrap tire, if burned, are not easily extinguishable and emit toxic gases like SO2, NO2, CO and HCI which are further perilous for the environment.

Waste Tire pile is dumped on open grounds, which cover large areas of land rendering them unsuitable for vegetation. Due to this severe disadvantage of stockpile rubber, many countries like USA, CANADA, UAE, UK, RUSSIA AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND have banned whole tires as landfills and have made recycling mandatory. Considering the perilous outcome of these scrap rubber stockpiles it is absolutely imperative to reprocess them to obtain useful rubber resources.

Affiliation and Memberships

We have acquired the membership and affiliations of all prestigious National and International Rubber manufacturing associations. We are associated with All India Rubber Industries Association, Gujarat Rubber Manufacturers Association, North American Die Casting Association, Indian Rubber Manufactures Research Association, Rubber Division and CAPEXIL.

We hope to take membership from IRSG, Smithers Rapra, International Rubber Study Group, MREPC, Rubber Manufacturer Association, etc. in the near future.