MaxFlow Membran Filtration GmbH

MaxFlow Membran Filtration GmbH

MaxFlow Membran Filtration GmbH was incorporated in 2005 as a subsidiary of A3 Water Solutions GmbH. MMF specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of membrane filtration modules for the wastewater industry and for solid-liquid separation. MMF’s objective is customer-oriented production of membrane filtration modules. The company has its own production facility in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Individual membrane shapes and complete membrane filtration modules are manufactured at the various work areas integrated in the production facility. By working with local universities and colleges, the innovative development of products and production characteristics is continuously evolving.

Company details

Magdeburger Straße 16a , Gelsenkirchen , 45881 Germany

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Filtration and Separation
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Patented and innovative

MaxFlow membrane filtration modules for the use in membrane bioreactor processes, in the tertiary treatment of wastewater treatment plant effluent, and for blank filtration of water and wastewater .

Chemically stable

Due to the use of durable and chemically stable membrane materials, the MaxFlow membrane module has a high filtration performance with low fouling potential.

Innovative modular design

The innovative MaxFlow module „open channel design“ provides optimal biofilm control and minimizes the quantity of chemical cleaning procedures.

Multi-stack module arrangements

The compact module design enables multi-stack module arrangements using shallow water levels. Therefore, a future plant upgrade to increase capacity is easy to implement.

Beneath the standard modules it is possible to manufacture “custommade” modules with special shape, due to our flexible production line. Therefore MaxFlow Membrane Modules will fit to nearly all MBR applications.
Application areas
• Municipal wastewater treatment, centralized and decentralized
• Mobile wastewater treatment
• Marine industry
• Textile industry
• Food industry
• Slaughterhouse
• Fish farms
• Beverage industry
• Dairy industry
• Breweries
• Malt breweries
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Laundromats
• Paper industry
• Waste management industry
• Biogas and bioethanol plants
• Animal rendering industry
• Landfill leachate treatment