Maxisu Submersible Pump & Motor

Maxisu Submersible Pump & Motor

Maxisu Pump are manufacturer of submersible motor and pump. Our product range begins from 6` to 10` and from 5 HP to 300 HP. We have also stainless steeli cast iron and radial noryl impeller pumps in our product range. We can offer you the best quality and price.

Company details

2. Organize Idustrial Zone 2. Cadde / No: 33 , Sanliurfa , 63000 Turkey

Locations Served


Business Type:
Industry Type:
Pumps & Pumping
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

In year 1995 in province of Sanliurfa in Ceylanpınar we performed agricultural irrigation based on turnkey facility services. Than in year 1998 we realise the sectoral potential of the region and we give a incorporation decision to create FERHAT ELEKTRİK LTD. ŞTİ. İn the years where we begann with the production, there was a few company engaged in this direction. We recognize at this time, it is a must to develop better and more and we planned to produce for growing up.

We begann to produce in CNC workbenches when 2005 in Ceylanpınar situated in a building of 1800 m² to increase the production potential and contribute our image for using this fact better. At that time, we have managed to reach more cost effective products from other regions, so our products become more reachable and inexpensive.

İn the period of specialization in this area, we undertake the public procurement and provide to finished it. Our company is still taking public procurements. Durring growing up we don’t stay only in our area, we sell electricity equipments as well as establish make – sell facilitys also.

İn year 2012 the most important product that we supplied from outside was the submersible engine. To realize and expand our product range we started in Sanliurfa 2. Organize industry area with a new investment, so we spent 5.500.000,00 TL and on january 2013 we completed our investment. We begann to selt submersible pumps and engines under the trademark Maxisu in our production facility.

Our Company take the first place in technological basis from other 9 companys which make the same work in Turkey. İn this sense the products that we produce are more quality and economical according to other european emphasis selling products. 

İn the investment in financial year 2012, we showed increasing with profit and we moving forward with safe steps.

The products that we produce is taking positive response from internal market sallers and last users, so that the request in our product is increasing.. First of all we should determine the countries of middleeast and africa to get a good seller trend and we started to work that our products reach the mentioned countries.

We are employed within our company including the staff which works in public between 60 to 100 people. 15 from them works in administrative department.

In this direction we will never give up to develop and grow up and contribute the regional and national economy.