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Biosolids Disposal has become ever more challenging as the cost of fossil fuel escalates, regulatory compliance tightens, and landfills reach capacity. MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc. provides gasification for a cleaner earth and is the industry leader in gasification systems for the biosolids disposal in the wastewater treatment industry. Gasification of biosolids with the MaxWest Biogasification System produces a much cleaner emissions profile than alternative disposal methods, and reduces volume by as much as 95%. Gasification consumes little oxygen, produces green thermal energy, and lowers air emissions, making it a more attractive treatment method for your biosolids than high-oxygen, less environmentally-friendly alternatives, such as incineration. The byproduct of the process is an inert residual.

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Biosolids disposal is becoming increasingly more challenging as the cost of fossil fuel escalates.

MaxWest Environmental Systems, Inc. provides gasification for a cleaner earth and is the industry leader for gasification systems for biosolids disposal in the wastewater treatment industry. Population growth, a lack of environmentally-friendly, sustainable biosolids treatment/disposal options, along with increased energy costs, is driving a global demand for a clean, resourceful, and viable municipal and industrial wastewater biosolids management solution.

MaxWest provides municipalities and private wastewater treatment companies a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly alternative for sustainable biosolids disposal by reducing its volume by as much as 95%, while reducing the production of harmful greenhouse gases and improving a facility’s carbon footprint.

Are you looking for a sustainable biosolids management plan? Want to contribute to a cleaner, greener environment? Need a solution to the increasingly stringent EPA requirements?.The MaxWest Biosolids Gasification System is your solution.

MaxWest is committed to serving its municipal clients, industrial customers and partners, and project neighbors in strict accordance with the following distinct core values and principles:

Protect Public and Environmental Health & Safety – MaxWest endeavors to far exceed compliance with all local, state, and federal rules and regulations throughout its operations. The protection of public and environmental health and safety is a “core” value promoted by the MaxWest leadership team.

Evaluation and Optimization of the MaxWest Biogasification System – MaxWest evaluates and analyzes new technologies that can be integrated into their gasification system to enhance operational efficiencies, improve pollution control, and provide a cost-effective and sustainable biosolids management system.

Observe the Highest Standards for Business Ethics – MaxWest insists on conducting its business and operations with integrity, honesty, and good will. The management team has decades of proven references from some of the nation’s largest municipal agencies for reputable and responsible management of waste-to-energy and waste management projects.

Provide a Safe and Progressive Career Environment – MaxWest is dedicated to ensure a safe, respectful, and diverse workplace for its people.