Maxx Water Management B.V i.o.

Maxx Water Funds focus at investments in the Water Sector through: 100 Million Euro European Private Equity Fund / 150 Million Euro Global Listed Equity Fund. Maxxwater Global Water Fund , managed by MaxxWater Investment Management is a to be Netherlands-registered fund focused on investments in listed equity of companies in water and wastewater supply, purification, distribution, recycling, commercial technologies, systems and services.

Company details

Brediusweg 24 , Bussum , 1401 AG Netherlands

Locations Served

Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

The following universe of water industry technologies are continously monitored by MaxxWater

  1. Desalination technologies general
  2. Membrane Filtration technologies
  3. Disinfection systems (Uv, Ozone)
  4. Anti Fouling systems: Chemical, Silicum, Ceramic, Electrolytic.
  5. Ultrasound technologies
  6. Water location inspection technologies
  7. Quality control systems
  8. Process monitoring & process control systems
  9. Sludge treatment (processing/dewatering) and sludge disposal technologies
  10. MembraneBioReactors technolgies
  11. Electrochemical; Electrolysis, Dialysis
  12. Ultra Pure and Boiler Feed Water Make-up
  13. Biological wastewater treatment processes
  14. Rainwater harvesting
  15. Recycling and re-use systems : households
  16. Recycling and re-use systems : industries & agriculture
  17. Innovative energy application systems
  18. Energy recovery & energy conservation systems
  19. Efficient irrigation systems
  20. Water distribution systems
  21. Pipeline refurbishment & renovation systems
  22. Water bottling technologies
  23. Outsourcing of services
  24. Water treatment chemicals
  25. Spring water resources
  26. Privatisation of water utilities
  27. Privatisation of waste water utilities