Maxymillian Technologies, Inc. (MT)

Maxymillian Technologies, Inc. (MT)

Maxymillian Technologies, Inc. (MT) is a comprehensive environmental services firm with emphases in remedial construction, earth moving, earth support systems, and complex water management. MT is a Massachusetts-based family owned business with offices located in Pittsfield, Boston, Wilmington, and Albany, NY. With over 30 years of contracting experience and hundreds of successfully completed projects, MT has never defaulted on a contract and maintains an excellent record of quality, safety and professionalism.

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890 Winter Street, Suite 225 , Waltham , Massachusetts 02451 USA

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Regionally (various states or provinces)

Maxymillian History

More than 35 years ago, James Maxymillian founded J.H. Maxymillian, Inc. (JHM), a Pittsfield-based general contracting firm that initiated the family-owned Maxymillian group of companies. In 1974, JHM commenced the first of many hazardous waste construction and cleanup projects for the General Electric Company. JHM's success with these projects exhibited a natural progression from the construction industry to the environmental cleanup field. The Maxymillian Construction Company was created in 1980 to specialize in the remediation of contaminated sites.

The Maxymillian Construction Company operated as a separate corporation and focused solely on providing clients with technologically sound solutions to particular environmental remediation needs.

In 1989, the Maxymillian Construction Company was renamed Clean Berkshires, Inc., as the company added a host of additional environmental services. Clean Berkshires' focus became researching and developing new and innovative site cleanup technologies.

Over the next few years, Clean Berkshires' client scope expanded beyond Berkshire County to include New England, New York and the greater Northeast region. To reflect their expanding geographic reach, Clean Berkshires, Inc. evolved into Maxymillian Technologies, Inc. in June of 1994.

The Company Today

Today MT remains committed to identifying, developing, and providing the latest technology-based solutions to environmental challenges. We focus on integrating technology with in-house civil construction expertise to deliver cost-effective remediation services. MT provides services at the local, Northeast regional and national levels, with projects ranging in size from residential spill response to large, federally mandated Superfund projects.

While the Maxymillian family of companies expanded its reaches far beyond Berkshire County in Massachusetts, it still maintains the individualized and site-specific service that has served as its mission for over thirty-five years.