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  • Industrial - Wastewater

  • Activated Sludge Aeration

    Activated Sludge Aeration

    Mazzei technology makes the treatment of industrial wastewater basins easier, more efficient and quieter. Using either Mazzei’s patented AirJection® Wastewater Aeration Technology or a pure oxygen system, wastewater is pumped through one or more high efficiency Mazzei® Venturi injectors, forcing ambient air or concentrated oxygen to aspirate into the wastewater. The resulting gas-water mixture is discharged back into the basin through...

  • Wastewater Odor Control

    Wastewater Odor Control

    Odors caused by septic conditions in equalization basins, lagoons, and ponds can be reduced or even eliminated by using Mazzei’s AirJection® Wastewater Aeration Technology which more effectively aerates. More efficient that other technologies, Mazzei’s systems operate quietly as they have no moving parts so there is virtually no maintenance and very low operation cost. There is no limit on water depth and no temperature loss as with...

  • Post-Treatment Aeration

    Post-Treatment Aeration

    Many industries discharge their treated wastewater into public waterways. Permits are often in place specifying the minimum required dissolved oxygen levels that are allowed in discharge water. Mazzei offers two solutions to help you meet effluent regulation specifications.

  • Sludge Digestion

    Sludge Digestion

    As with Activated Sludge Digestion, Aerobic Sludge Digestion can be made easier and more efficient with Mazzei’s AirJection® Wastewater Aeration Technology. Ponds containing organic matter, nitrogen or other compounds are often high in Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). Regulations often require both of these to be reduced to state-specified levels. Traditional wastewater aeration techniques can only affect the...