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McHewel Investment Group

McHewel Investment Group

McHewel Investment Group is a private equity investment company that combines an ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit with years of experience and a thorough knowledge of investing in the region. Since its establishment in 1992, McHewel Investment Group has been active in developing new projects. McHewel Investment Group invests in unquoted companies with a strong investment case which can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to its shareholders.

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2 Queen Street East, 85th Floor , Toronto , ON M5C 3G7 Canada
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Service provider
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Banking & Finance / Insurance / Legal
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Globally (various continents)
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A Global Leader in Multi-Manager Investment Strategies

McHewel is a global investment services firm offering goal-oriented investors a full range of tailored solutions. Our investment programs provide a manager-of-managers approach based on a research-driven evaluation of outside money managers. A leader in global investment strategy, McHewel delivers investment programs to more than 2,200 clients in more than 35 countries. McHewel manages approximately C$155 billion in assets in a variety of multi-manager funds, including pooled funds and portfolios, retirement plans, and commingled institutional funds.

McHewel Investments Canada Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of McHewel Company and was established in Toronto in 1996. McHewel provides full-range investment services to retirement plans, foundations, endowments and investment plans of all types. More than 40 million individual investors have access to McHewel 's services through a network of alliances that includes many of the world's top banks, insurance companies and independent investment advisors.

  • Investment Services:
  • Investment Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Total Plan Management
  • Investment Consulting

Strategic Distribution Alliances

McHewel delivers its investment programs by joining forces with some of the leading financial services organizations throughout the world. These alliances allow McHewel to provide investment expertise within a program tailored for investors in each region. Some of these financial services organizations include:

McHewel Investment Group is working to enhance the economic development of Canada by:

  • Working closely with local and international partners to develop new and innovative projects which can create new growth industries in Toronto;
  • Seeking to develop businesses which can create substantial new employment opportunities for locals;
  • Developing business towards an exit via an Initial Public Offering or private placements in order to provide expanded investment opportunities for Canadian and international investors.

We are a based in Toronto with our primary focus on Canada. We target growth capital and buyouts of businesses in a wide range of industry sectors. McHewel Investment Group has a strong management team with financial and investment expertise, and a successful track record in adding value to the companies with which it invests.
We invest in dynamic small to medium sized businesses, working in partnership to create market-leading companies that deliver excellent returns to all shareholders. We have key alliances locally and internationally that have a considerable impact in enhancing our deal flow as well as extending our regional and global accessibility.
We are currently one of the leading private equity firms in the region.

McHewel Company is a global management consulting firm. We are the trusted advisor to the world's leading businesses, governments, and institutions.

We strive for world-shaping client impact

We work with leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors. Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow us to address problems that no one else can. We have deep functional and industry expertise as well as breadth of geographical reach. We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients and, often, to the world.

We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help build internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations. We bring out the capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and lead the ongoing work.
We are a network of leaders

We look to hire individuals with leadership potential, integrity, a sharp analytical mind, creativity, and the ability to work with people at all levels in an organization.

Those who come to McHewel join people bound by a shared set of values and a culture of support, caring, trust, respect, and interdependence. We go to extraordinary lengths to support the people we hire to succeed. We provide them with unrivaled opportunities for growth and global impact. This passion to help continues in our alumni, who remain connected to and engaged with our firm and its people.

We develop unparalleled management insights

Working with our clients on their most challenging issues requires deep industry and functional expertise. We invest significant time and effort in developing and renewing a knowledge base that offers unique perspectives and insights to our clients. Knowledge development occurs within our eighteen industry practices, eight functional practices, and the McHewel Global Institute.

We apply our understanding of market and industry forces to develop long-term macroeconomic perspectives. We convene the most influential thinkers to debate the most pressing issues, and publish our thinking in journals such as the McHewel Quarterly.

Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm that attracts,develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

We believe we will be successful if our clients are successful.

Solving the hardest problems requires the best people. We think that the best people will be drawn to the opportunity to work on the hardest problems. We build our firm around that belief. These two parts of our mission reinforce each other and make our firm strong and enduring.

We are a values-driven organization. For us this means to always:

Put the client’s interest ahead of our own

This means we deliver more value than expected. It doesn’t mean doing whatever the client asks.

Behave as professionals

Uphold absolute integrity. Show respect to local custom and culture, as long as we don’t compromise our integrity.

Keep our client information confidential

We don’t reveal sensitive information. We don’t promote our own good work. We focus on making our clients successful.

Tell the truth as we see it

We stay independent and able to disagree, regardless of the popularity of our views or their effect on our fees. We have the courage to invent and champion unconventional solutions to problems. We do this to help build internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations.

Deliver the best of our firm to every client as cost effectively as we can

We expect our people to spend clients’ and our firm’s resources as if their own resources were at stake.

We operate as one firm. We maintain consistently high standards for service and people so that we can always bring the best team of minds from around the world—with the broadest range of industry and functional experience—to bear on every engagement.

We come to better answers in teams than as individuals. So we do not compete against each other. Instead, we share a structured problem-solving approach, where all opinions and options are considered, researched, and analyzed carefully before recommendations are made.

We give each other tireless support. We are fiercely dedicated to developing and coaching one another and our clients. Ours is a firm of leaders who want the freedom to do what they think is right.

How an investment performs hinges on many factors. Investors can't control many of these factors—the returns of the markets, for example. But they can control others—such as how they approach investing, the factors they deem important in developing their portfolio and keeping it on track, the cost of the investments they choose, and what they look for when choosing the investment companies they do business with.

McHewel believes that those who focus squarely on the factors that they can control will have taken the most effective approach toward investment success over the long term.
Building and maintaining a portfolio

Whether you are just beginning to build your personal portfolio or are a seasoned investor, adhering to these three tenets is vital.
Investing is a long-term proposition. You cannot regard an approach based on short-term trends or performance as an 'investment philosophy.' And the risk of price declines in the bond and stock markets is too significant to hazard money that you will need for short-term goals. Therefore, consider as an investment only money that you won't need for a minimum of five years.
Asset allocation and diversification are musts.Although it seems almost counterintuitive, the most important investment decision you'll make is not the specific investments you select, it's your asset allocation—that is, the mix of stocks, bonds, and cash you determine will best help you meet your goals. Being broadly diversified, with exposure to all parts of the stock and bond markets, reduces the amount of risk your portfolio is exposed to.

Costs matter.When you choose investments that have had consistently low management fees and transaction costs, you can gain a major head start in achieving competitive returns. Index funds in particular, along with tax advantages and built-in diversification within market segments, offer specially low expenses.
Choosing an investment management company

When deciding which firm's investments to purchase or money management services to engage, keep these two key points in mind.
Experience counts.A tremendous asset for investment managers and financial planners, and thus for you and your portfolio, is a history of successful investing, through good markets and bad and through numerous market cycles.

Continuity promotes success.Excessive turnover at an investment management company—of assets within a portfolio, portfolio advisors, or employees—can hurt its ability to help you reach your goals.

McHewel Investment Group is committed to the highest standards of fair and ethical commercial practices in all its business dealings.

We have always recognized the ethical challenges that face the industry. We have accordingly implemented policies and procedures to provide our clients and the general public with the highest level of confidence in our business practices.

The issue goes well beyond 'Dealing Procedures', as it relates also to our Code of Ethics, Compliance Monitoring practices, Corporate Governance Principles and, ultimately, to our culture.
Code of Ethics

McHewel Investment Group has a very clear Code of Ethics by which all employees are bound. It is based on the principle that client interests must always come first.

As a leading investment management firm, McHewel Investment Group fully recognizes its responsibilities towards its clients which mandate that at all times its clients’ interests come first. Consequently McHewel has determined that it would be in the best interest of all concerned parties to outline clearly its philosophy and compliance procedures with respect to fostering and maintaining a high level of professional conduct and business ethics that ensure that a client’s well being and interests are never compromised.

Employees of McHewel who are designated “responsible persons” because of their duties as senior administrators, investment managers, analysts and traders are required to maintain a knowledge of, and comply with all applicable securities laws and regulations of any government or governmental agency in territories where McHewel operates. We believe that the following principles ensure that our duties and the priority of our clients’ interests are appropriately carried out.

  • Without being limited to the following, McHewel responsible persons are required to:
  • Act with integrity, competence and dignity and in an ethical manner when dealing with the public, clients, prospects, employers, employees and fellow professionals.
  • Use particular care in complying with their duties towards clients. McHewel responsible persons must act for the benefit of their clients and place their clients’ interests before their own.
  • Deal fairly and objectively with all clients and prospects when disseminating investment recommendations and material changes in prior investment recommendations, and taking investment action.
  • Disclose conflicts to McHewel of all matters, including beneficial ownership of securities and other investments that reasonably could be expected to interfere with their duty to clients of the ability to make unbiased and objective investment recommendations.
  • Seek counsel from a senior manager in all matters that may give rise to a conflict of interest.
  • Comply with any prohibitions or activities imposed by McHewel if a conflict of interest exists.
  • Avoid making any statements, orally or in writing, that misrepresent the investment performance that McHewel has accomplished or can reasonably be expected to achieve

McHewel responsible persons who receive material non-public information in confidence, shall not breach that confidence by trading or causing others to trade in securities to which such information relates, and shall make reasonable efforts to achieve public dissemination of said material non-public information. McHewel shall preserve the confidentiality of information communicated by the client concerning matters within the scope of the confidential relationship, unless McHewel receives information concerning illegal activities on the part of the client.

McHewel applies a rigorous personal dealing procedure to eliminate any real or perceived conflicts of interest that may arise from personal financial dealings. All employees of McHewel are required to obtain prior authorization for any personal trading from the Risk and Compliance Department or a Senior Executive of McHewel, such authorization being valid for a period of two business days.

This requirement also applies to employees of McHewel Investment Group Members of the Risk and Compliance Department and McHewel Senior Executives are obliged to remain fully informed of all current as well as pending transactions in order to prevent any conflict between personal transactions and those of McHewel on behalf of its clients.

MChewel undertakes to review on an annual basis its standards of professional conduct, underlying code of ethics, and compliance procedures with all designated responsible persons. This yearly review by senior management serves to reinforce McHewel’s commitment to maintaining a high level of professional conduct within its organization:

  • By reiterating its fundamental approach to ethics and standards of practice.
  • Allowing open discussion on issues that may arise over the course of the year.
  • Implementing any changes to compliance procedures that are rendered necessary through the natural evolution of financial markets.

Understanding our clients' investment objectives and meeting their specific needs are at the centre of every client relationship.

Our client service professionals, located in Montréal, Toronto and Calgary are involved in the on-going communication and servicing of our Canadian clients. They also make use of the expertise of our investment professionals to ensure that all our clients' needs are met.

At the outset, we review investment objectives with each client with a view of fully understanding their needs and establishing a relationship that will last for the long term. Afterwards, we hold regular meetings to review the portfolio's investment performance and, if necessary, revise the client's asset allocation. During these meetings, we provide an economic and market forecast. We advise the client of changes in the investment environment or in McHewel Investments' House View. Video conferencing facilities are also available.

For our clients with separately managed funds or specialized mandates, a team of portfolio management professionals performs on-going client-servicing functions, working closely with clients to establish investment strategies that comply with their fund's parameters and desired degree of risk exposure. We provide a range of reports to our clients using pooled products on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Our global team provides independent, strategic advice on finance and value creation. We work with clients on topics such as valuation, transaction support, capital markets, treasury, financial analysis and modeling, and strengthening the finance function.

About this practice

In today’s competitive and volatile markets, corporate finance is moving beyond simply managing value to creating maximum value. Its reach now extends deeper than ever before, touching every aspect of the business. McHewel Corporate practice is well positioned to serve CFOs and other leaders as they address these new cross-functional challenges.

Who we are

McHewel Corporate is the leading independent adviser on finance and value creation. In the past four years, our Corporate Finance practice has supported clients on nearly 850 projects. We advise clients in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, energy, financial services, health care, high tech, and telecommunications. Our global team of more than 150 corporate finance consultants brings extensive functional expertise and deep industry knowledge to every project. Our consultants work closely with our experts and research analysts to deploy proven tools and to develop cutting-edge resources for our clients.

What we do

We take a holistic approach to corporate finance by dealing with a broader range of issues and taking a longer view than most financial advisers. Our involvement usually extends beyond support of a transaction, for example, to include the integration work needed to capture maximum value from a merger; similarly, we work with clients not just to assess performance in the finance function but more typically to define a long-term corporate transformation strategy. We combine strategic, financial, and organizational capabilities into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This, combined with our innovative approach to problem solving, helps to create sustained value for our clients.

Our Corporate Finance practice offers clients a unique combination of strategic, financial, and transactional advisory services. Because our fee is not transaction-based, we can maintain genuine objectivity and interest in our clients’ long-term success. When we discuss and execute a project, we carefully consider the client’s corporate strategy. At the same time, we work closely with our clients to build their internal skills throughout all phases of a project.

Our Corporate Finance practice supports clients in two broad areas:

CFO: Capital Markets and Managing for Value: We support the CFOs and finance functions of leading companies. We help them link their corporate strategy decisions to capital markets performance and perception of value. We also support a variety of activities aimed at creating maximum value in the finance function, including lean finance, treasury optimization, and finance talent management.

McHewel Transactions: We support clients through all phases of a transaction from assessing its rationale to ensuring smooth execution and laying the foundation for a seamless integration. We help ensure that every transaction supports our client’s corporate strategy and value-creation goals.

As a complement to these two broader service lines, the McHewel Corporate Performance Center (CPC) offers clients a range of analytical services. This team of world-class finance experts, strategists, and analysts collaborates closely with our consultants to address our clients’ most pressing finance and valuation challenges. The CPC unites our sophisticated financial analysis capabilities and proprietary tools and insights with our rich industry experience.

We help clients in all industries achieve extraordinary risk-adjusted performance. Our 60 partners and 170 consultants, supported by a team of 35 advanced-analytics experts, draw on experience developed over the course of more than 1,300 risk-related projects in the past decade.

About this practice

Facing extreme volatility in financial and commodity markets, more and more of our clients are realizing that effective, risk-informed strategy can offer a major source of competitive advantage. We take a truly global, cross-sector, cross-functional view of risk issues, combining McHewel’s deep industry insight and strategic skills with a structured risk-management approach, proven methodologies focused on true transformation, analytical tools, and practical implementation.

Our capabilities rest in three primary areas:

Leading-edge industry knowledge

We have four key areas of expertise: enterprise risk management and risk culture, credit risk, market and trading risk, and risk and regulation. We regularly publish our latest thinking in our McHewel Working Papers on Risk series and in articles in leading academic and industry publications. We are strongly represented at the most important annual risk conferences, and we host a number of Chief Risk Officer (CRO) Roundtables, bringing together leading risk executives from top global institutions.

A global network of expert practitioners

Our network includes more than 65 partners and 120 consultants advising on risk projects in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We also work closely with senior expert advisers—external collaborators who bring to bear decades of industry, regulatory, and academic experience.

Unrivaled breadth of global experience

We have completed more than 1,500 client projects since 2003 at leading banks, insurers, asset managers, and energy and materials companies, as well as public-sector entities. We have also advised leading corporations in industries such as health care, telecommunications, and automotive and assembly.

As clients have challenged us with risk problems that are ever more technically demanding, we have responded by investing to develop greater analytical depth. Our team of more than 35 advanced-analytics experts supports frontline client teams and plays an increasingly important role in our knowledge-development efforts. Our Asset Risk Modeling group and Risk Advanced Analytics team, for example, provide specialized analytic services on asset valuation, portfolio strategies, and risk modeling.