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  • Environmental Remediation Services

    Environmental Remediation Services

    Mc2 offers remediation services for the following types of thermal treatment: ET-DSP for soil and groundwater treatment. Steam Enhanced Extraction/Remediation (SEE/SER). SER-ISTD Combination. Thermally Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction (TESVE). Thermally Enhanced Free Product recovery (TEFPR). Thermally-Catalyzed Persulfate Oxidation. In-Situ Thermochemical Stabilization.

  • Solutions to MAXIMIZE Property Value

    Solutions to MAXIMIZE Property Value

    ET-DSP is a simple, yet flexible system capable of handling a broad range of remediation challenges -- from refineries and chemical plants to brownfields and leaking underground storage tank sites (LUST). Our ability to fully customize electrode sizing, placement as well as full control of the heating process accomodates even the most challenging of sites yet preserve pre-existing landscapes and surface structures.

  • Treatability (Bench Scale) Tests Services

    Treatability (Bench Scale) Tests Services

    Mc2 aims to provide Clients with a solution and expected results even before setting foot on a project site. This is accomplished through completion of comprehensive soil analyses, bench scale tests, and engineering design and simulation. This preliminary work provides predictable results which in turn, means cost control, predictability of results, and efficiency for the Client.