McWinn Air Filter Cleaning Service Ltd

McWinn Air Filter Cleaning Service Ltd

McWinn is an air filter supplier and cleaning company. Our process allows customers to clean and re-use their air filters up to 8-10 times creating substantial savings while reducing environmental waste. Visit us to learn more about our specialty process It’s the most reliable industrial strength air filter cleaning system available. Our patented air filter dry cleaning system can clean all filters with a completely dry process that provides like-new performance time after time. Each year thousands of air filters are sent to landfills needlessly, contributing to pollution and waste. McWinn’s patented air filter cleaning process allows you to clean and reuse your filters up to 10 times without water or chemicals.

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For over 25 years McWinn has established a leadership position as a manufacturer and marketer of air filter cleaning equipment as well as a provider of air filter cleaning services. The company was started by Daniel Winfield in the early 1980s with a vision to develop an alternative to replacing the air filters from his construction and farming equipment with a more effective and environmentally friendly alternative. Determined to achieve this vision the McWinn dry clean process was developed and patented. The cornerstone of the McWinn process is the McWinn air filter dry cleaning machine; the machine was designed and developed to provide an effective, industrial strength, reliable solution. The original machine designed and developed was built so well that it is still able to service filters to this day – after 25 years of operation!

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, McWINN’s patented air filter element cleaning process saves fleet and industrial equipment owners hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in replacement costs. In addition, over 1 million air filters have avoided being sent directly to a landfill as a result of the McWinn air filter cleaning system.