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  • Earth-Water Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

    Environmental Impact Assessments

    We offer a comprehensive suite of environmental impact assessment (EIA) consulting services, for new developments and for the expansion of existing facilities. Services include all aspects of project management, field activities, data interpretation and analysis, public consultation, identification of potential impacts, design of mitigative measures, facility design and optimization, long term environmental monitoring and development of...

  • Groundwater Services

    Groundwater Services

    We provide a wide range of hydrogeological consulting services. These include comprehensive groundwater resource evaluation and investigation involving mitigative design where groundwater must be considered for successful project development. Our expert team of professional engineers and geoscientists can help in the assessment, development, and optimization of groundwater resources for use in residential, municipal, agricultural and industrial...

  • Environmental Geochemistry

    Environmental Geochemistry

    We have built a reputation for providing excellent service to the mining industry, with clients in the potash, uranium, oil sands, coal, base metal, precious metal and clay mineral sectors. We are known for our innovative solutions to complex geoenvironmental mining problems, in Canada and internationally. Our project expertise encompasses mining materials characterization, contaminant transport modelling, and mine waste containment system design and...

  • Biological Services

    Biological Services

    We offer a wide range of services including habitat assessment, wildlife and rare plant surveying, and development of mitigation strategies, with an emphasis on regulatory approvals. These services include all aspects of project design and management, field activities, and data interpretation and analysis. We have extensive experience in grassland, forest, sand dune, aquatic, and riparian ecosystems with particular expertise in botany, ornithology,...