Mech-Chem Associates, Inc.

Mech-Chem Associates, Inc.

Mech-Chem Associates` Web Site. We are a full-service design and build firm specializing in the design, engineering fabrication, and construction of: manufacturing facilities; operating processes; acid, chemical, and waste recovery systems; and environmental control systems. Our design and build expertise is in the following applications: Fume scrubbers & exhaust systems, acid recovery and reclamation systems, bulk storage facilities and piping systems, chemical delivery operations, wastewater treatment systems, chemical milling & etching systems.

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144 Main Street , Norfolk , MA Norfolk USA
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Environmental Monitoring
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Internationally (various countries)

How Mech-Chem Helps You

We combine the latest and most effective technologies and process knowledge with years of experience, to provide maximum waste reduction and cost savings while minimizing safety and environmental concerns. Mech-Chem concentrates on helping your company meet, and then surpass, EPA, OSHA and NFPA regulations and your own environmental, health, safety and fire protection standards in a way that improves your bottom line over the long-term.

Mech-Chem's knowledge of chemical engineering and processing, along with our industrial experience in the design and start-up of these operating systems, gives us the unique ability to design and build fully integrated systems. This expertise allows us to provide our clients with effective processing systems using the best available technology with state of the art PLC/PC automation and controls.

Please choose your area of interest from the left or below to find out how Mech-Chem Associates, Inc.'s design and engineering expertise can help you with your process design requirements, waste handling problems, personnel safety, and environmental responsibility.

  • Fume Scrubbing Systems
  • Push/Pull Ventilation Systems
  • Tank/Equipment Venting
  • Gas/Acid Absorption Systems
  • Carbon Absorption Systems
  • Particulate Filtration Systems
  • Ion Exchange Resin Systems
  • Vacuum Evaporation Systems
  • Carbon Filtration Systems
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) Systems
  • Waste Recovery Systems
  • Zero Discharge Systems
Bulk Storage Facilities and Piping Systems
Acid Recovery and Reclamation Systems
  • Bulk Storage Tanks
  • Piping Systems
  • Chemical Feed Systems
  • Secondary Containments
  • Safety and Inventory Control
  • Testing and Inspection Services
  • EPA and OSHA Compliance
  • Vacuum Evaporators
  • Distillation Systems
  • Diffusion Dialysis Systems
  • Gas/Acid Absorption Systems
  • Filtration and Centrifuging
  • Visit
Chemical Processing Operations
Process Re-engineering for:
  • Acid Etch Systems
  • Distillation Systems
  • Diffusion Dialysis Systems
  • Gas/Acid Absorption Systems
  • Filtration and Centrifuging
  • Waste minimization
  • Waste Recovery
  • Cost Reduction
  • Pollution Control
  • E, H & S Regulations
  • EPA & OSHA Compliance