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  • Wyman Gordon Case Study

    Wyman Gordon Case Study

    Wyman-Gordon is a world class materials company with nearly 200 years of metals engineering experience. They are the acknowledged leader in the production of high-quality closed-die forgings and extrusions for the most critical applications. Markets ...

  • Bulk Storage and Piping Case Study

    Bulk Storage and Piping Case Study

    Background: This major steel manufacturer was founded in 1900 in and established the first formal research department in the steel industry in 1910. It grew through the development of specialty steels and new technology. Among the many "firsts" was ...

  • GE Aircraft Engines - Case Study

    GE Aircraft Engines - Case Study

    Mech-Chem engineered, designed, and constructed two Air Emission Control Systems for the plant`s Meltout Operations. The systems are non-aqueous processes which were designed to contain and remove metallic contaminants with a particle size of 0.3 ...