Medgate, Inc

Medgate is the industry’s leading Environmental Health and Safety software solution, used by health & safety professionals across a wide range of industries around the world. Our software is developed and implemented by accredited EHS professionals with real world experience. With Medgate software, you can: Integrate data between EHS functions, standardize workflows and processes, track performance and identify risks, trends and problem areas with key metrics.

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250 Bloor Street East, 9th Floor, Box 15 , Toronto , Ontario M4W 1E5 Canada

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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Health and Safety
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with organizations around the world to effect meaningful change in the way Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) is managed. We want to stand beside our customers as they attain performance goals, reduce EHS risks, and create a healthier workforce. To do this, we must earn their trust and deliver a second-to-none experience with our company, products, and services.

To achieve this, Medgate will:

  • Be transparent, from the top down
  • Listen to and evolve with our customers so that we may effectively respond to and anticipate their needs.
  • Provide an all-star team of highly motivated and talented people, including real-world industry experts with a keen understanding of today’s EHS challenges
  • Prioritize quality, data security, integrity, and availability by maintaining rigorous privacy policies compliant with our ISO 27001
  • Support global requirements by incorporating initiatives like software and services in multiple languages, round-the-clock support, and international office locations
  • Leverage the most advanced technology and processes to develop and deliver our products
  • Build and maintain our team by creating a positive, engaging, and rewarding culture

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which environment, health, and safety (EHS) are embraced as key to an organization’s productivity and performance, and where Medgate is recognized as the single most trusted and sought-after EHS software partner around the world.

We have all the resources required to implement the software successfully, ensuring a complete system fit. We focus on providing timely and professional IT support to manage problems and concerns.

  • Installation Services
  • Database Administration Services
  • Superior Software Implementation
  • Project Management Standards
  • Experienced Services Manager
  • Expert Training

Full Support - Available when you need it most

  • Our dedicated Support Centre integrates standard support methodologies to effectively manage critical issues.
  • The support center is staffed by fully trained Medgate professionals in-house at the Medgate head office. This means that your contact within the support center can effectively respond to your system questions and can quickly access the resources needed for rapid resolution of more complicated issues.
  • Medgate support is available 24/7 through our toll-free support line and through email. Click to contact support now.
  • We have established support service levels and response times to meet our clients’ expectations and ensure effective communication.

Client Services 

We have all the resources required to implement the software successfully, ensuring a complete system fit. We focus on providing timely and professional IT support to manage problems and concerns. Overall, Medgate is the full package: a leading edge product with the critical implementation and support expertise to drive your business success.
Installation Services 

Medgate provides technical services, either on-site or through extended remote support, to assist with the installation and configuration of the software with the client's IT resources. This ensures that the installation is efficient and that the users can immediately begin to access the system.

Advanced Database Administration Services 

Medgate Technical Services can help you with the implementation of database security and database administrational roles, which include system settings, server configurations and table entries, as well as the conversion of Legacy System data to the Medgate application.

Legacy data from either a previous health and safety system or paper file can be added to the Medgate application. Paper files will have to be input manually while the conversion of data from a previous system can be mapped to the Medgate database by the client's IT resources with the assistance of Medgate technical services or performed entirely by Medgate.

Superior Software Implementation

We know that software is only part of the equation. The success of an implementation process will depend largely on the expertise and commitment of our people. We will facilitate superior implementation planning, through processes such as gap analysis, implementation planning/pre-training, and final end user training on the software. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by hiring only certified professionals from the field – people with years of nursing, safety and IH experience.

Expert Training 

We have designed structured, hands-on training programs to meet the specific learning needs of different groups of users, and provide two types of training programs:

  • Formalized ‘hands-on' instructions for groups of primary users
  • An intensive program of training designed for staff required to train end users

User training is organized into a series of training sessions carefully designed to meet the learning needs of individual users. All new Medgate users are provided with formalized classroom instruction on the software operating system and hands-on instructions on the applications selected.

A Wide Variety of Training Options 

  • New User/End User Training - Primary users find Medgate very easy to learn because the software has been designed in a logical manner and the data entry procedures are standardized across all Modules.
  • Module Specific Training
  • Refresher Courses
  • “Train-the-Trainer” Program – This is an intensive training program which gives the designated trainer-trainee to an in-depth understanding of the software system and to communicate to others how it will be used to support business practices. Training can be done at the client site or at Medgate’s corporate training facility in Toronto.