Medora Corporation

Medora Corporation

Medora Corporation combines knowledge and experience from across the water quality spectrum to help solve real-world problems through mixing, circulation, and other treatment processes. Whether in Lakes & Stormwater Retention Ponds, Raw Drinking-Source Reservoirs & Potable Storage Tanks, or Wastewater Treatment Processes, GridBee SolarBee equipment continues to be at the forefront as the #1 world leader for in-situ water body treatment. Make Water Better with mixing & circulation. GridBee & SolarBee equipment is improving water quality in reservoirs across the world. We apply knowledge and experience from multiple water quality disciplines to every project we evaluate solving real-world problems for real-world people.

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3225 Hwy 22 , Dickinson , ND 58601 USA
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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In 1978, Joel Bleth & Willard Tormaschy, two industrial engineers fresh out of the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks, founded a company called Pump Systems Incorporated (PSI) in Dickinson, North Dakota. From 1978 to 2006, PSI built an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally as a supplier of custom-designed pumping systems for a variety of industrial uses from mining, refining, oilfield, & agriculture to contractors, municipalities, & manufacturing. An independent third-party performance review in 2004 on behalf of a U.S. Government Agency scored PSI an exceptional 91%.

The original SolarBee® technology was developed by PSI in the late 1990s and it became apparent just how much the water quality industry needed reliable and cost effective real-world solutions. The SolarBee® Division was created soon thereafter and in 2006, the Company re-organized to focus exclusively on reservoir treatment technologies and water quality improvement.

Medora Environmental Incorporated is the parent company for two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Medora Corporation (Medora) and Medora Transport Corporation. In the proud tradition of PSI, Medora continues to provide great service to its Customers across the United States, Canada, and is a world leader (26 countries and counting) in sustainable reservoir water quality improvement.

The Medora Main Office & 45,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Facility are located on 19 acres just north of Dickinson, North Dakota. Dickinson and its surrounding communities are home to the majority of Medora Employees including scientists, engineers, manufacturing personnel, and factory-trained service technicians. Medora also has ten (10) U.S. Regional Offices from coast to coast and an International Sales Office in Fargo, North Dakota.

Joel and Willard continue to own & operate Medora and are still at work every day.

Medora Corporation, Safety

Medora is dedicated to the health and safety of our Employees, our Customers, and our Neighbors.  We endeavor to complete our projects without incident and to incorporate safety awareness into all of our operations.  We believe safety is a shared responsibility and the responsibility of each Employee to return safely home to their Families at the end of the day, the end of a project, or the end of a job without having suffered a work related injury or illness.  Medora infuses safety and awareness as a habit on the job and influence a safety culture with our Families off the job.

Why “Medora'?

The town of Medora, North Dakota is located just 40 miles west of Dickinson and is in the heart of the scenic North Dakota Badlands. Medora symbolizes the integrity, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit of one of its most famous citizens, Theodore Roosevelt (or “TR' as he is locally called). After his time in North Dakota, TR went on to become the 26th president of the United States from 1901-1909. He was a remarkable person who clearly understood the difference between action and talk. He is often quoted in this regard and it is in this spirit we took the name Medora.


THM & VOC Removal With GridBee SN Series In-Tank Spray Aeration Systems. 

Medora Corporation THM & VOC Removal Systems can help relieve the EPA Stage 2 DBPR compliance pressure in your distribution system!  The SN Series is the industry leading solution for THM removal.

Performance Guaranteed!


Potable Water Tank MixingBest On The Market Mixers From Medora

Get a handle on stratification & stagnation. GridBee GS Series Submersible Mixers are a proven #1 solution for water storage tank mixing and can be quickly & easily deployed into your system.  Tank off the grid?  Need a solar solution?  SolarBee SB Series Potable Tank Mixers are at the forefront of the potable mixing market and are one of the most trusted brands in water quality.  Go to our Potable Water Systems page to learn more how we can help!


Cyanobacteria Control in Lakes & Raw Water Reservoirs.

Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) blooms are becoming a more and more visible nuisance in lakes & reservoirs across the United States and the world.  SolarBee Reservoir Circulators have a track record unmatched in the industry with equipment in over 400 waterbodies mitigating cyanobacteria blooms with beneficial circulation.  SolarBees can help you improve the water in your raw water reservoir, recreational lake, or small pond!


Improved Treatment & Energy Savings In Wastewater Systems

Realize more effective wastewater treatment & real energy savings in Activated Sludge and Lagoon applications with Medora Corporation mixing equipment!


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Medora Corporation GridBee / SolarBee mixing, circulation, and spray aeration equipment can help you solve problems across your water system. Please feel free to explore the rest of our applications or give us a buzz at 866-437-8076 to further discuss how we can help make your water better.