Medora Corporation is a world leader in sustainable reservoir water quality improvement, with low energy or chemical use. SolarBee`s award-winning solar-powered circulation technology is a significant breakthrough in solving the world`s water quality problems, naturally. The patented technology creates a long-distance, near-laminar flow that can prevent and control blue-green algae in lakes and raw water reservoirs, reduce aeration time/expense and provide odor capping in wastewater lagoons, can completely mix any size potable water tanks to eliminate thermal stratification, provide consistent detention time, and ensure uniform disinfectant distribution. SolarBee`s in-water-body circulation and treatment can be applied to lakes, raw water reservoirs, potable water storage tanks, wastewater lagoons, industrial ponds, stormwater ponds, water re-use ponds, estuaries and other reservoirs.

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SolarBee, Inc. and the Water Industry

The water industry has traditionally relied heavily on the energy and chemical industries. An estimated 7% of world energy consumption and 3% of U.S. energy consumption is used to clean up and process wastewater, drinking water, and lake water. And large volumes of chemicals, many with potentially-serious long-term toxicity problems, are put into lakes and other reservoirs regularly in attempts to improve water quality.

SolarBee, Inc (SI) is the #1 World Leader for improving water quality in reservoirs in a 'green' and sustainable manner. Its SolarBee machines use solar power instead of grid power, and they reduce or entirely eliminate the need to ever add chemicals to a water reservoir.

SI invented solar-powered long-distance reservoir circulators in 1998 and named this technology 'SolarBee' in 2001. In 2002, the high flow (40,000 lpm / 10,000 gpm) machines were developed which allowed the technology to be expanded from small wastewater ponds to large lakes. In 2004, the large heavy-duty brushless motor was developed with a battery system for day-and-night operation, and the metallurgy was upgraded from 304ss to 316Lss stainless steel for longer life. In 2005 and 2006, a digital controller was developed with an on-board GPS receiver, data logging, flash-card programming to fine tune the performance for each reservoir, LED diagnostics, and a SCADA radio-link output for remote machine monitoring. High wave machines were also developed to withstand harsh conditions in extremely large reservoirs.

By 2006, over 1000 SolarBees had been successfully deployed in hundreds of water bodies to improve water quality without reliance on grid power or toxic chemicals. Applications have included lakes, drinking water reservoirs, potable water reservoirs, wastewater and storm water ponds, estuaries, and other water bodies. In 2004 the company won a state-wide Industrial Development Award in North Dakota, and in 2006 an Environmental Award in both New Mexico and Australia.

Many case studies and references can be provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of SolarBee equipment and the strength of SI's team of scientists, engineers and service personnel. SI is collecting and analyzing more reservoir water quality data than any other private company in the world, most likely, and uses the accumulated knowledge to continually increase the effectiveness of its products.

In the US, SI sells SolarBees through authorized representatives and SI Regional Offices located from coast to coast, and SI factory-trained crews perform all installations. Internationally, sales are made through factory-trained representatives.

If you have a reservoir with water quality problems, we hope you contact us. Thank you for your interest in SolarBee technology.

SolarBee, Inc. Background Information

SolarBee technology was originally developed by Pump Systems, Inc. (PSI). PSI was founded in 1978 by Joel Bleth and Willard Tormaschy, two Industrial Engineers fresh out of college at UND in Grand Forks, ND. They located in Dickinson, ND because that is their hometown.

PSI has built an excellent reputation in most US states and many countries as a supplier of custom-designed pumping systems for a variety of industrial uses including mining, refining, municipalities, contractors, oilfield, agriculture, and manufacturing.

PSI scored a 91% customer rating in September 2004, considered very high, by an independent company that thrououghly researches vendors for the US government as part of the GSA program. This report is posted at PSI's (now SI's) Open Rating Report.

At the end of 2006, PSI's growth resulted in a corporate structure change. Medora Environmental, Inc., is now the parent company for three wholly-owned subsidiaries: SolarBee, Inc., SolarBee Transport Corporation, and Pump Systems, Inc. The name 'Me