Mellora is a Norwegian company established, owned and managed by Trond Hansen. Mr Hansen has more than 20 years experience as both a Quality System Manager, HR Manager, Lead Auditor and Senior HSEQ Advisor. He is an internationally accredited Quality Manager and Quality Auditor and has got certifications from The European Organization for Quality (EOQ) within both areas. Our team consists of 2 persons in the administration (customer relations) and 6 developers (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and MySQL/PHP).

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Bergen , 5000 Norway
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Software vendor
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Health and Safety
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Globally (various continents)
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“HSEQ” For Iphone, Android and Windows Phone
Our app is a result of many years experience and know-how about which challenges there are related to the HSEQ-work.
There are plenty of brilliant systems for analysing data, but few (if any) good systems for collecting the data from employees who are not in front of a computer on a regular basis. Old fashion systems like note pads and verbal communication are still the most common, and that’s why he decided to develop an up to date solution for this.

“HSEQ” is Designed to Be Simple to Use and Understand
We believe that one of the biggest errors many make, is to build their reporting systems way too difficult for the users to understand.This very often result in a lack of reporting, and the systems will in fact work against the company instead of for it.
“HSEQ” is understandable for everyone. Tap, send and improve. That’s it. It cannot be done any simpler.

Mellora shall improve our clients HSEQ-reporting processes. We shall provide an innovative and easy to use HSEQ-app which increases the likelihood for systematic HSEQ-reporting from any organisation’s employees. The HSEQ-app from Mellora shall be available for smartphone-users wherever they are located and in a language they can understand.

“HSEQ” from Mellora shall be the world’s most widely used mobile application for submission of safety and quality messages and documentation of relevant HSEQ tasks.

Mellora has developed what was the world’s first open smartphone-application for reporting non-conformance, accidents, near miss and improvement proposals related to safety and quality (HSEQ). In retrospect, the app has been extended to include the possibility of documenting the safe job / job safe analysis and inspections & audits. A new module called “Timesheets” was added in August 2014. The app is designed to meet the reporting requirements set in e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and NORSOK S006 (Achilles).

Data capture has, by using the HSEQ-app from Mellora, never been easier. Use “HSEQ Free” to register and submit HSEQ-reports and timesheets with a few keystrokes. Since the code in the application is not linked to any database, you are not dependent on having invested in a special incident processing system to use the app.

The report goes directly to the selected recipient’s inbox in your email system, leaving the use of pieces of paper and other reporting systems redundant. The receiver then decide how to process the report further, either it is in the organisation’s management system or manually.

Included in the app, is a pdf-generator that generates special formatted reports which can be used to create your organization’s complete reporting and analysing system. In addition, the timesheets will function as documentation when invoicing clients or paying out salaries to the employees. Not to forget, an xml-file makes it possible for your company to import all data to your own database or management system, and it is even possible to connect the app to our own database,