Merford Noise Control supplies total solutions in the field of noise control, as well as products developed for noise control and ventilation, designed for industry, office environments and public areas. Merford Noise Control is market leader in the field of sound insulation and acoustics. In practically all circumstances, we offer a solution to noise pollution.

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P.O. Box 160 , Gorinchem , 4200 AD Netherlands

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Health and Safety - Noise and Vibration
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Globally (various continents)
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Merford started business in 1956 selling components for ventilation and air condition technology. Today, our group consists of a number of different Business Units:

  • Merford Noise Control: Sales and production of solutions for noise reduction, such as enclosures, silencers, grills and acoustic screens.
  • Merford Special Doors: Sales and production of specific industrial doors.
  • Merford Cabins: Sales and production of operator cabins and cabin components for various types of cranes, specific vehicles, machines and installations.

Through ongoing innovation we have managed to secure a key position in various niche markets with our high quality products.
Sales, engineering and production activities are all done at our own facilities.


Mission statement
The Merford Group provides a wide and varied range of products and solutions. Yet a single guiding principle is common to all our efforts: to improve the climate of your living and working environment, by offering an all-inclusive concept.

Our experienced staff guarantees the highest possible quality of both our products and services. Supplemented and supported by three fully equipped production and installation crews, Merford offers you the best possible solution.

Nowadays, increasingly attention is being given to the unique mix of requirements the modern working environment creates. We recognise that a pleasant and ergonomically safe working environment benefits not just productivity, but also the well-being of people.

On the one hand, we demand ever higher levels of comfort. On the other hand technology offers better solutions all the time. In order to meet your ever-changing requirements and provide the best possible solution, Merford maintains a permanent focus on new developments and innovations, both in products and solutions. Providing a constant quality is one of our priorities. Standardisation of products helps achieve this. It is the best guarantee for a reliable product.

In coming years, Merford will increasingly develop its strengths as a service provider, putting you as the customer in firm control.
Our goal is to ensure that you never have to worry about anything, by providing the best possible products and service, the shortest possible turnover times for parts, and sophisticated service offerings.

A brief history
The roots of the Merford Group go back to 1956 and the establishment of Technisch Bureau Merford B.V.. From the very beginning, we have been agent for Gebr. Trox GmbH, a German manufacturer of air treatment equipment, such as wall ventilators, fire protection valves, flow control equipment, filters and noise reduction solutions. These products are primarily intended for engineering firms specialising in air treatment.

Industrial noise pollution and the environment
During the seventies, noise pollution due to industrial activities became a public concern. To meet increased demand from industry, Technisch Bureau Merford started offering silencers and other noise reduction solutions. These were intended to be installed on exhausts or ventilation openings in building walls. Among our first customers were dairy factories, flour mills and power plants.

We quickly noticed that these “new” customers differed from our traditional clients in one respect; the “new” customer had little or no expertise in the areas of ventilation and noise reduction. He also wished to outsource the complete project, including all the engineering and installation work, receiving a guarantee in return that noise nuisance for the afflicted parties would be reduced to agreed levels.

As this required a whole new range of activities, catering for a new category of clients, in 1979 Merford Techniek B.V. was founded.

In addition to these project-based sales, in the early 1980s we also started selling absorption, insulation and vibration damping materials to manufacturers. After a few years, we started selling components to clients in the building construction sector, such as special doors and wall ventilators.

In 1988 Merford International B.V. was founded to handle sales abroad.

Our own production facilities
Years of outsourcing production led Merford to conclude that if you wanted to sell your “own” products this required a more direct involvement in developing those products.

This resulted in the takeover in 1990 of one of our suppliers in Groot-Ammers. Today, a substantial portion of the products sold by Merford Techniek are manufactured here, at Merford Plaatbewerking B.V..
This former supplier also produced operator cabins for cranes, container handling trucks and other vehicles. These products are now being further developed at our sales division, called Merford Cabins B.V. and manufactured at Merford Produktie B.V..

Expansion of door production and sales
As the sales and production of special doors has become increasingly important over the years at Merford Techniek.
In addition, Merford Techniek's door range was separated from its other components, and sales operations were transferred to Merford Special Doors B.V.

The Merford Group consists of the following Business Units:

Merford Noise Control
Merford Noise Control has an unique position on the market for noise reduction solutions. This business unit provides products and solutions for reducing noise pollution (nuisance) to customers in the public sector, industry and the private sector. For nearly every environment, Merford Noise Control can design and deliver a custom solution to effectively reduce noise pollution. Where noise must be reduced in a work environment, too, Merford Noise Control can provide an adequate solution, either custom made or using standard systems.

Within the Noise Control business unit, three B.V.s are active: Merford Noise Control B.V., Merford Special Doors B.V. and Merford Plaatbewerking B.V.

Merford Special Doors
Merford Special Doors has a wide assortment of industrial doors. We sell, among other things, sound insulating-, fire resistant-, burglar resistant- and ballistic resistant doors, grill doors and tunnel doors.

Besides doors, Merford special doors sells other specific solutions for walls, e.g. grills.

Sales and production of Merford Special Doors B.V. take place in Gorinchem.

Merford Cabins
Merford Cabins develops, manufactures and markets operator cabins and cabin components for various types of cranes, specific vehicles, machines and installations all over the world. Your options range from a simple basic cabin to a luxury cabin equipped with an operator's seat, air conditioning, electronics, controls etc. All these cabs comply with the latest requirements in the areas of ergonomics and heat, noise and vibration shielding.

The Cabins division provides cabs for, among other applications, large container handling cranes, RTG, Straddle carriers, container terminal tractors, street sweepers, steam rollers, fork lift trucks, lawn mowers and agricultural machinery.

Through a combination of innovative design, decades of experience and good craftsmanship, Merford Cabins has earned itself a key position on the market.

Within the Merford Cabins business unit, two B.V.s are active: Merford Cabins B.V. and Merford Produktie B.V.