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Focused on this very basic fundamental idea in the early 1990’s, the Merus Company has engineered the marvel “The Merus Ring”. Our grass route idea was of treating water and other liquids in a way which would reduce or in many cases even eliminate the negative side effects arising out of technical parameters governing the operations of manufacturing or processing industries. Our approach is supported by our strong hold and uniqueness in developing liquid borne “oscillations” with which the liquid not only turns equipment friendly, but also helps in maintaining technical parameters to a much farther extent in comparison to conventional water or liquid treatment methods which only fight the symptoms of the problems of Rust, Corrosion, Scaling, Fouling or other Micro-biological elements. Using this approach, The Merus Company has an upper hand in the market by avoiding the problems even before they arise.

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MERUS GmbH Ziegelstr. 1 , Sindelfingen , D -71063 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

The MERUS Ring – water treatment to fight scaling, corrosion, fouling and biofilm in cooling loops and heat exchangers.

MERUS is dedicated in solving technical problems arising in the usage of water. This includes not only the treatment of drinking water, but also the treatment of all types of water used in the industrial sector today.

The MERUS Rings are charged with different patterns of oscillations, each of which are targeted at solving specific problems. These solutions include the reduction/prevention of Scale deposition, reduction of Corrosion and reduction of fouling caused by Biofilm. The chemistry of the water itself is not changed by MERUS Rings; hence we coin the term “conditioning” of the water.

In addition to the solutions for the above mentioned problems, the MERUS Company also offers support and engineering services to the Industrial Sector. This becomes essential, if the applications are extreme and complex installations, such as in a complete Cooling System, including Cooling Towers, the piping itself and the Heat Exchangers. A Desalination Plant, or the Condenser of a power plant, etc.

The Engineering services offered by the MERUS Company are not limited to just turn-key projects for treating the problems of scaling, corrosion or bioflim, but also include assisting the Industrial Sector to reach the broader objective which is to optimize their system in aspects pertaining to water and energy consumption. The usages of additive chemical inhibitors are adjusted during this process, depending on the application and the raw water, resulting into our customers reporting drastic savings in terms of chemical inhibitors and energy requirement. The achieved results are constantly monitored and reported either by MERUS Engineers or this task is jointly undertaken with our customers.

After rigorous tests and field trials, our first office MERUS GmbH in Sindelfingen, Germany was incorporated 1996.

Our first sets of applications when the company was young were centred for domestic use. These included private homes and office buildings, villas, swimming pools, household equipments etc. The success in our first set of applications motivated us to develop even stronger “oscillations” with which we are able to cater to the heavy industrial sector today. Our predominant applications today revolve around power plants, desalination plants, metals and mining industries, refineries and other oil/gas processing industries, shipping industry, fertilizer and agriculture industries; and several other sector companies that use water for their operations and processing equipments.

With sustainable results and rapid recognition arising out of the high success ratio with our customers, we started exporting out of Europe in the year 2000. With a competent network of dealers supported by our regional offices around the globe today have made the presence of Merus Rings possible in all the industrialized countries of the world. The MERUS Company has also established its subsidiary companies and engineering centres in Singapore, Mumbai and Abu Dhabi. Overall business includes an export share of 90% with more than 15,000 successful installations in the 5 industrialised continents of the world.

Driven by the demand in the market and by our customers, The MERUS Company and its affiliates have now also grown to a solutions provider. By doing so Merus Engineers take control of entire water systems, delivering not just the MERUS Rings to inhibit the technical problems, but also conduct regular monitoring at customer sites, by delivering regular troubleshooting and reporting as per operating procedures mutually agreed with our customers. For water and process management of scale at our bigger clientele, MERUS Engineers are trained and stationed at the customer facility for efficient and effective water treatment and conservation with daily reports and recommendations submitted to our customer management.

The vision at the MERUS Company to see an Eco-friendly “MERUS Ring” in all possible sectors of the world economies motivates its R&D to develop ecologically high-tech products which would improve systems and processes like never seen before. Our product line and range has seen constant additions penetrating in new markets and branches of applications. Our crystal clear dialogue with our existing and new customers has indeed supported our continuous growth seen in past years and thus shall continue to strengthen our position in the years to come.

Today we are very proud to announce:

Merus Rings - the #1 Non-Chemical Industrial Water Treatment Technology Worldwide.