Met One Instruments is a world leader in the engineering and manufacture of meteorological and particulate monitoring instruments. For over 25 years, we have been designing and manufacturing meteorological instruments, used in weather stations around the world. As a leader in air quality particulate monitoring, we offer beta attenuation, light scattering, speciation sampling technologies for TSP, PM10, PM2.5, filtration, air ducts, workplace surveys, and cleanrooms. Met One Instruments manufactures Meteorological Instruments and Systems, Airborne Particulate Monitors, and Indoor Hand-held Particle Counters & Monitors.

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Monitoring and Testing - Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)
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Met One Instruments is an expanding, aggressive company providing solutions to environmental monitoring including meteorological, particles, datalogging and software instruments and solutions. By using modern technology and innovative design, combined with years of experience in a variety of situations, we are able to meet the needs of our customers for ambient and indoor monitoring requirements. For additional information on weather stations, particulates and dust monitoring systems engineered specifically for your requirements, please contact one of our sales staff listed under 'Contacts'.

Met One Instruments Inc. is one of the leaders in research, development and manufacture of meteorological instruments, particulate monitors, data loggers and environmental software. One of the oldest instrument manufacturer's in the United States, MOI continues to provide the leading edge in instrumentation, data logging, environmental software and monitoring systems worldwide.

Projects have included entire meteorological monitoring networks for countries from Asia to the Middle East, as well as the major part of PM10 monitoring within the USA and International sites. Onsite training and commissioning for complete end-user satisfaction has always been the goal. Private industry, research institutions, universities, military and home defense organizations, as well as all levels of government environmental agencies are amongst its satisfied customers.

The company began business in 1976 as Met One, Inc. The first of several high quality 'Met Set' meteorological monitoring systems and a line of clean room monitoring instruments were introduced. Growth was brisk and the company quickly outgrew the facilities. In 1989 Met One Instruments, Inc. was formed to focus on the growing environmental market and the entire meteorological product line was transferred at that time.

The company has grown through careful planning, dedication to customer service and the ability to design and manufacture quality products. Additional growth has come about with company acquisition and joint venture partnerships.

Northwest Technology was acquired in 1991; the company specialized in fabrication operations for various semi-conductor and aircraft companies. The facilities of Northwest Technology enabled MOI to greatly expand instrumentation manufacturing. Beyond the fabrication capabilities, Northwest Technology provided key knowledge of basic robotics that was later employed in some of the air products.