Metallkraft AS

Metallkraft AS

Metallkraft AS, specialist in Slurry Recovery / Slurry Recycling, is a Norwegian limited liability company registered with organization number 998 682 061 in the national company register ( At current the company has more than 110 employees. The Board, chaired by Mr. Erik Thorsen, has four members sharing high level industrial and financial backgrounds and expertise. We are a Slurry Recovery and Recycling Solution Company. Nevertheless, Metallkraft is one of the worldwide recognized leaders in slurry recycling and we are continue to invest and innovate in solid-liquid separation advanced technology with the emphasis on physics and mechanical method, to ensure the environment is protected where we and our customers operates.

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Setesdalsveien 110 , Kristiansand , 4617 Norway

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Waste and Recycling
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Globally (various continents)

Metallkraft’s Position in the Market

Metallkraft has gone through some rationalization efforts in year 2012, including selling off of Metallkraft Yangzhou and Metallkraft Kristiansand slurry recycling sites. These are necessary measures to consolidate and to preserve our funds and resources to weather through this challenging time in the PV Solar industry.

Our slurry recovery rates for recycled SiC (Silicon Carbide) and PeG (PolyEthylene Glycol) are over 85% (one of the highest in the world), and even the wastes can be turned into useful byproducts SiSiCar®, which we resell into other industries. In short, Metallkraft is able to claim 99% recycling efficiency.


Metallkraft’s founder, Dr. Knut Henriksen, got involved in silicon and silicon related research in the 1990s when employed as Vice President R&D at Elkem ASA, a leading Norwegian metallurgical enterprise. Dr. Henriksen identified silicon carbide slurry recovery and extraction of pure solar grade silicon from this slurry as particularly interesting propositions. Meeting limited interest in a nascent solar industry, Dr. Henriksen built up a solid research capability within the framework of Metallkraft AS. Having achieved the necessary technological breakthroughs by 2005/06 it was time for commercializing the concepts towards an industry that had, by then, come of age.

A private placement was made in February 2007 that resulted in a fresh capital of NOK 80 million for Metallkraft AS, valuing the company at around NOK 225 million. Having a relatively short history as a commercial entity the company built on its more than 10 years of history when it entered the market with its SiC (Silicon Carbide) slurry recovery process.

In year early Y2008, Metallkraft decided to start-up a factory in Yangzhou Economic Development zone in China to service key customers throughout the Jiangsu province and beyond. The factory has a capacity of 20,000MT and went operational in Q1 of 2009.

In year middle of 2009, Metallkraft and REC went into a partnership to provide an on-site pipe-in/pipe-out dedicated slurry recovery and slurry recycling service in Singapore. By 2010, the plant has a capacity to handle 40,000 MT spent slurry annually.