MetaVu, Inc.

MetaVu, Inc.

MetaVu is a corporate sustainability investment expert. We empower executives to choose sustainability investment strategies right for their business - increasing shareholder value, managing corporate risks and enhancing corporate reputation.

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1400 16th Street, Suite 400 , Denver , Colorado 80802 USA

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Service provider
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Internationally (various countries)
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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Who We Are
MetaVu is a strategy consultancy helping clients measure, manage and communicate their return on investment in sustainable development.  We believe client value creation starts with the right people, and so our team members have a passion for leading human change and possess the know-how for building processes, tools and systems to develop and execute business strategies.

MetaVu has full-time and independent experts on its team in the following disciplines:

  • Economics (micro, macro, market, statistics)
  • Energy (efficiency, renewable, procurement, utility regulations)
  • Environmental Sciences (emissions, remediation, carbon, life cycle analysis)
  • Finance (risk management, modeling, decision support)
  • Information Systems (database, business analytics, user interface, Internet)
  • Innovation (product, market, business model, process)
  • Law (environmental, labor, securities, tax)
  • Marketing (product, brand, internal, public relations, strategy)
  • Operations (industrial, process and quality improvement, management systems, metrics)
  • Organizational Design (capabilities, governance, structure)

MetaVu advisory services and subscription products help companies leverage sustainability as a strategy for value creation. This includes the Sustainable Development (SD) Tool SuiteTM designed to measure the ROI of a company’s sustainable development strategy. 

MetaVu advisors help company executives address sustainability issues in context of enterprise risk management and innovation of products, services and business models - from product foot-printing, to process innovation, supply chain integration and organizational design and governance structures designed to embed sustainability in the business. In addition, MetaVu performs benchmarking, supporting businesses and analyst firms with business intelligence and industry insights on performance measurement.

Our diagnostic tools and analytics services to help executives gain a comprehensive understanding of their company’s environmental and social impacts, both positive and negative, and highlight risks and opportunities across the company value chain.


We simplify the complexity of investing in sustainable development by crafting a portfolio of investment options – whether those are relate to strategy creation, operational management, or organizational design.  Each option aligns with the characteristics of the business strategy, and is defined by a specific cost to benefit ratio.


Communicating to stakeholders is a critical business activity.  Effective communication can facilitate internal management of strategy and operations, but also improve branding and increase stock performance. MetaVu excels in articulating complex topics concisely, in appropriate language, and without losing crucial context.