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  • THYGAN - Model VTP37 - Thermohygro Meter

    THYGAN - Model VTP37 - Thermohygro Meter

    Thygan is both a ventilated, heated thermometer as well as a high precision dew point mirror. The instrument is built to withstand extreme outdoor conditions and fulfills the highest requirements in reliability, precision, and sensitivity.  Measuring range: -65...+50°C, Resolution: 0.01°C, 0.1%rF

  • THYGAN - Model VTP37 - Airport Thermohygro Meter with Fog Detection

    THYGAN - Model VTP37 - Airport Thermohygro Meter with Fog Detection

    The VTP37  is a ventilated, heated thermometer Combined    with  a  mirror-type dew point  hygrometer. The instrument is designed for field   Operation and meets the highest diemands as to reliability and accuracy even under the most severe environme ntal conditions.

  • Model VT36 - Ventilated Thermometer

    Model VT36 - Ventilated Thermometer

    VT36 measures outside air temperature.  The design meets the highest standards in reliability and operational safety.  Its configuration includes double radiation shielding and an effective, dependable ventilation system for the thermometer-sensor.  This arrangement guarantees an accurate measurement of air temperature, independent of radiation (specifically solar).  Measuring range: -65...+50°C, Resolution:...

  • Model BM 35 - Barometer

    Model BM 35 - Barometer

    The BM 35 barometer is a precise instrument that measures pressure for meteorological applications. Measuring range: 600...1100hPa,  Resolution: 0.01hPa. Long term stability: