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  • Hydros - Saturated Hydraulics Conductivity

  • Hydros Meter - Smart Field Lysimeters

    Hydros Meter - Smart Field Lysimeters

    Small-scale lysimeter with big possibilities: Measuring every parameter needed for a complete and accurate water balance can leave you making a lot of assumptions. Eddy covariance gives you evapotranspiration (ET) but leaves you guessing as to the fate of soil water. Traditional lysimeters measure water flux in the soil but have no connection to the groundwater, which means the soil column becomes too wet or too dry compared to the field, throwing off...

  • Saturod - Fields Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

    Saturod - Fields Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

    Get more out of every field visit: Saturated hydraulic conductivity is a pain to measure in the field. And the infiltrometer field measurement is only the beginning. When you get back to the office, you need to convert the raw data into hydraulic conductivity and infiltration rates. We think you should spend less time on complex measurement processes and more time being productive. That’s why we automated almost everything in the new SATURO.

  • Hydros - Model G3 - Drain Gauge Lysimeters

    Hydros - Model G3 - Drain Gauge Lysimeters

    No more deep drain on your pocketbook: The only accurate way to understand the amount of nutrients or chemicals leaching into the groundwater is to directly measure deep drainage. Large, controlled-tension weighing lysimeters are the most accurate way to make this measurement, but the considerable power and funding requirements of a weighing lysimeter plus the complexity of setup and maintenance may mean you need another option. If you want to...